Saturday, April 29, 2006

Saturday slop

I went to see a play last night.
Midsummer nights dream
shakespeare. Puk was amazing!
It was put on by our local High school thespians
it was terrific, and reminded me of my wild days in HS drama.

I am invited to my 33rd High school reunion for the class of '73
its at the end of summer so I have plenty of time to lose weight
build big muscles and grow a lot of hair to flaunt in front of all the bald guys
I'll need torent something red and sporty to drive and buy a new pair of Levi 501's
but it will be worth it.

This morning I have good hot coffee, rye toast and a big job I can finish if I work hard
That, friends, is about as good as it gets in this man's world.

See you on the flip side.....


Grins said...

Loved my high school play! I was the director because...well I'm bossy. Only reunion I've been to though was the 20th and though I'm glad I went I'm thinking I won't return for another.

margalit said...

My kids just saw a Midsummer Night's Dream and they both were a tad confused by the language, as it was their first shakespearre experience. I've seen it several times myself.

Here from Michele

Shane said...

I think the greatest pleasure of the day is breakfast - especially the coffee part.

Ms. Vickie said...

Glad you caught me on the flip side and left a comment, thanks for the visit. :)

phoenix said...

LOL I have not been to any of my class reunions and not sure I want to go to any.

I was in my HS class play. We did the Boyfriend. It was the first musical ever done in our school. I had a blast. Wow what memories there!

Class of 73 eh? I was class of 74. Man those were the days!!

Barbara said...

Good luck with the renovation.