Saturday, April 22, 2006

a really TOUGH day at work

Some things are NOT worth the money I charge,
yet nice folks get a break when I try to do the impossible
like today - trying to remedy the damage done by a LARGE
male cat that was peeing where ever it wanted in a house for three years.

I knew it was bad when I went to estimate the job, very smelly!
The kind that burns your eyes.
Working in this house Thursday, Friday and half of today
has about killed off all my sense of smell.

We are winning, but its a long hard struggle.
Today was the worst, I think.
deep staining of what was once a nice dark blue carpet ( now in the dump)
yellow stains running down the walls from as high as five feet up.
( he liked to do his worst from atop the furniture, spraying onto mirrors, windows,
and against the wall at the head of the bed) I think we may need an exorcist!
Inn one or two "favorite" places, the urine had turned crystaline.
All we had to fight with were Murphy's oil soap, hot water,
putty knives, wire brushes, a flat bar, a roll of paper towels,
and then when we were done, we painted the whole floor
to try to seal the smell BELOW, and give some relief
to the folks above.
Moral of the story. five cats is too many
more so if one of them is 24 lbs and does not like to use the
cat litter box.
back to this war story on Monday
tommorow I worship, and thank God that
I am now working where some one had GOATs as pets
( that is another story)


Crayonsetc said...

Oh My Goodness... I can't even imagine how bad that smelled... EWWWWW!!!

Stopping by Via Michele... Oh, and I am at 7000 feet too... isn't it wonderful at this altitude??? Little O2 ;)

shirley buxton said...

Thanks for coming by my site and leaving that nice comment.

Guess what? I live in Crestline. :)



TNChick said...

Ugh, pet urine - nasty stuff :)

surcie said...

Yuck! Stinky work, but important nonetheless. I hope you have a good week, David!

Barbara said...

That sounds like a horrible awful mess. Have you looked into veterinary products? Might be worth a call to see what the use.

Shelley said...

Ewwwww! What an awful situation to be in. I guess we know who's boss in that home...all 24 lbs of him!

Star said...

Ewww. Ewww Ewww! Why I don;t have pets, and why I don't particularly have cats as pets! Michele sent me.

Guppyman said...

I know someone with that problem.... Hoping she remedies it soon or I may have to stop going over there....

Michele says howdy!

srp said...

There is some stuff called "Odor out" that works really well, especially if you use it repeatedly. Will painting over it really get rid of the smell?
Goats? Wow!
Here from Michele.

Sandy said...

That's disgusting!! How did the people live with that?? You must have lungs of steel to put up with that. Cat pee is the WORST!

buffi said...

You know, my roommate in college had a cat like that. Not quite as big, but the little jerk peed all over my stuff all the time. I was heartbroken when he ran away(!).

Okay, okay, SHE was heartbroken. I did a little dance. I always wondered where he ended up. Now, I think I know.

Good luck with the goats!

TamWill said...

Ewe! Sounds like you have a tough job.

Howdy Michelle sent me :)

DeeJay said...


Nettie said...

Oh, ick. Ick ick ick.

Snaggle Tooth said...

That's why, children, you should always have your male cats neutered at about 6 months of age before they learn to spray!
It's a territory marking instinct which stinks! I only have female cats now, but the males I had in the past never learned to spray.

Grins said...

Cat urnine is the absolute worst, but goats? Yikes. Hi by they way, visiting again via Michele