Saturday, March 18, 2006

why is this woman smiling

why not?
if you could hang
from the ceiling

wouldn't you smile?

the story is here Posted by Picasa


Shane said...

that would be a heck of chandelier

Barbara said...

I'm not sure if I would smile or not, she looks pretty happy.

Lisa said...

LOL! I had to look at that picture for several moments before I figured it out. It made all the blood rush to my head just looking at it. :-)

Michele sent me.

Jayleigh said...

David..... that is so funny. Thank you very much for making me laugh. I hadn't done that move in FOREVER and it just seemed like it would be fun to do it and have Rob take a pic. :-)

You're such a true friend. **hugs**

Carmi said...

I often look at flies and wonder what they're thinking as they hang onto the ceiling.

Likely not much, given their brains are composed of, like, six neurons. But, still, it's fun to contemplate.

Great pic. Great fun to ruminate over the possibilities, too. This made me smile. Thanks!

Lazy Daisy said...

I see your world is still topsy-turvy!

Dorothy said...

Very funny! I saw the pic of my goof-ball sister this afternoon. And after the day I had (breaking up with my long-time boyfriend), I needed a smile.



Dorothy said...
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David said...

the double comments come from my comment moderation delay - seems like some people feel like their comment is lost - its ok - ill try to moderate more quickly. - obviously Jayleigh and I are great pals, or I would not have hung her up like that. her sister is a joy also.
it must run in the family!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

that looks like fun to me, but I think I would brake in half!

Rulan said...

lol I posted a photo similar to this one on my blog a short while ago. he he