Saturday, March 18, 2006

How many more will die?

I want to write something funny, or happy or poetic.
But would that be fair to the most recent victims of the RU 486 pill?
No the pill did not kill them, bad medical advice did.
Why would there be bad medical advice out there in this information age?
I don't know why planned parenthood is so 'hell bent' on seeing that as many abortions take place as possible ( that is the way it seems to me). Maybe its a remnant of the radical feminist agenda that decried motherhood as slavery, bondage to house and homemaking.
What makes me saddest is that we lost two women to a medical experiment, we lost their babies, we lost what these four individuals would have contributed to their community. We all are the losers. There is no win.

To the survivors, whose friends or daughters have died in this latest experiment, I hope you find a way to fight the forces that drive the abortion industry, and fight for safer ways of dealing with unplanned pregnancy. Can we talk about adoption? please? There has been so much damage done already to our young ladies. When is enough, ENOUGH?


PresentStorm said...

Amen to that..I will not go into what I feel about abortion totally but I am pro-life and really think they should be pushing adoption as an alternative to unplanned pregnancy as well as increasing the sex education that talks about refraining from it in the first place. Parents need to get invlved with thier kids ...Guide them with God's word. Great post!!

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jude said...

well said david...well said..

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I am pro "Wanted Life". I am against Medical Mistakes and Horrifying things like this happening. The two are not neccessarily joined at the hip. Sometimes Abortion is the only answer..Rape that results in pregnancy??? PLEASE! That is not a viable option unless it IS a viable option to the one who has been raped. There are shades of gray in all things...including abortion. Medical Mistakes? No.

sister celtic said...


Im chele In [dot] LA said...

Great post..
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utenzi said...

Michele sent me, David.

I must not be on top of things. I didn't realize that they'd made RU486 legal here. I remember years back the controversy when it was legal in France but not here. I don't keep track of the abortion issues at all. So I guess it's not surprising that RU486 was made legal and I never even noticed, David.

David said...

yes- in that article it notes the years of use, and that Planned parenthood estimates 560,000 doses have been prescribed. thats a big number of babies not born alive.

Plumkrazzee said...

YAY for you for being so un-PC! There's alot of things the public doesn't know about. For instance: did you know that the birth control does NOT prevent you from conceiving a child? What it DOES prevent is that said 'conception' implanting itself into your uterus. Most people don't know that, because no one ever tells you.....I had heard that, thought it to be a rumor, and so asked my doctor. She said that's right. So as far as I know, I could have had a fertilized egg develop every single month for 2 years straight, yet never been technically 'pregnant' because my body would have rejected this implantation. How come know one talks about this? I bet a million women know the pill prevents pregnancy, but have they ever asked HOW exactly that works? I was really troubled over that.

Joe said...

Enough is already enough. Trouble is, some seem to want more.

Good post.

keda said...

i'm not a fan of RU486 by any stretch of the imagination, and i agree that abortion should be talked about and encouraged much more.

however please read this
and if you are interested i have two posts about the wider issue on my site.
its not simple. abortion is horrible, but better contraception must be made available and outlawing abortion is NOT the answer. it will result in the deaths and misery of many more women and children.
ps i found you via michelle*

Bar Bar A said...

David, thanks for your sweet comments on my blog.

This is an excellent post, not that I would excpect anything less from you.

You are right about Planned Parenthood.

Joe said...
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Nettie said...

I must echo...well said.

keda said...

i meant to say ADOPTION should be talked about about and encouraged more, not abortion. sorry*

panthergirl said...

Wow.... you didn't allow any dissenting opinions? I wrote a long and well thought out comment and it didn't "pass"?

I'm disappointed, David. That's really unfortunate.