Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I hope she did not shoot the postal worker handling your plums.

A demented woman who used to work for the post office shot her neighbor and then went to where she used to work and shot 6 more people and then herself. Thats bad. I hope my plum jam was not struck by any stray bullets, That would be a catastrophe.

I was trying to imagine being a survivor, or a person who was on vacation, or called in sick that day. What does it feel like to see six empty work stations and know that those people are all gone? How do you deal with the huge loss of six co-workers at once, and not lose your grip. In a 'production' environment like postal processing, the only thing you have to make your day bearable is the banter of others as they keep each other company in a dreary job.

So today, someone has to go into that place and ignore the cleaned areas where your friends life spilled to the floor. You have to go on, or resign, or take disability. I am so fortunate that I have a low stress job with people that I like to work with and for. I am glad i work in a small town surrounded by national forest where I can go and relax, or if I really MUST shoot my guns.
I am sorry the sick lady did not get the help she needed. I am sorry she did not shootl herself first before turning the gun on others. I am sorry I even have to write on this.

To those left behind, looking at the empty space where your friend used to be, we all vanish from the earth at a time unknown by any human mind. We do not know when that time is.
We can prepare ahead of time for the passing from this life to the next. Take a moment to make sure you are ready, and your loved ones too. Bad things happen.

in Good News department: fellow Californian and blogger Jodes is currently training and will be walking in the 3day walk to raise money for breast cancer research.
Go give her a high five, or a fiver!

TexasGal had a good response to my tag, thanks to her for playing along.

Have I told you how much I love archives?
I love dusting off your old posts to see where you came from, to learn about you.
This Blog world is so cool, and hot at the same time.


Jodes said...

thanks for the part about me!!! very cool

Oren Schmidt said...

Remember when we used to go to the dodger games and then drive back late at night and you would always stop at IN-n-OUT and get and XL pink lemonade? That was sweet! Now i might be working there! Woulddnt that be sweet!!

Killired said...

insightful dave... i cant even imagine being able to go back working there after that... so scary... and sad...

Barbara said...

Sad really, the stigma on seeking help for emotional/mental problems keeps people from receiving the help they so desperately need.

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and for your words of encouragement.


puremood said...

Whos archives have you been snooping in? LOL

David said...

jodes, YOU are very cool!
Oren, I loved the games, and the driving with you and J-rad, because I LOVE you both.
red, pray for these sad people.
Barb, may I call you barb? it kept me from it for a while, but i got help and now im all BBbBbBbbbbbetter bla bkla bu bu tata ta a hellll p uggh!
Hope, man we gotta change your blog name, you are depressed fine but there is hope in God, Almighty who cares and loves and has the answers you are looking for.
PM, I look at a lot of them, Veornikas, b4 she dumped them were very insightful, and drew me into her world. you want a good read. go look at Mirerva's first month. you wont be able to stop.

I have some good archives too, I guess (wink)

sister celtic said...