Tuesday, January 31, 2006

bagged and tagged

With the BLOGOlympics over, Pure Mood had little else to do than to tag me with this:
10 things that describe your perfect partner. When I got off the floor after my laughing fit, I was still stumped so I will just describe me and hope we, I and me, can get along.
from mr. multiple personality to my perfect partner (self)
1. Should be good looking but not capable of stopping traffic. ( insecurity)
2. Should be excellent at conversation, but also know when to shut up.
3. Shall wipe their feet when leaving the house and take their shoes off before getting into bed ( combines insanity and sobriety.)
4. Cooks and cleans but does not mind eating out or getting dirty.
5. Old fashioned values with very contemporary taste.
6. Likes to go out visiting others and having others over to our house which is weird because
I will always be blogging. hahaha
7. Has little interest in the computer and definitely can not find my hidden files.
8. Passionate in private, affectionate in public and loyal to the family always. ( mafia)
9. Loves to read and could care less about going OUT to see movies. (what a wasteland)
10. Can live without TV and will cook all the fish I catch.

There you go PM, im going to tag Texasgal
she will be able to write a list of twenty things I am sure.

My good blog friend Jayleigh is having Grand adventures on Wordpress now
so go look at the layout and see if you want to bail on blogger too.
J, I am not saying this is a sinking ship, nor am I saying you are a rat, no no!

Finally I met so many good people ( who paid my bail) and noble souls ( who bought the "free davey!" t shirts during my incarceration, that I think I will link one of the BLOGOlympians per week. To keep us all in touch. HINT - you got to have a good post to get linked!
Go see what Killired has for you.


Nettie said...

Wait, there was Olympics?

Veronika said...

Would your perfect partner have to clean the fish and all that gross stuff? Or just cook it?
P.S. I'm wearing my Free Davey! T-shirt now.

puremood said...

That is a great list- you did a fantabulous job! :)

Barbara said...

David - I prefer reading to TV too. Seems I read mostly blogs now!

Jennifer said...

Saw your comment on Whiskey Talking. I'm glad your depression is better this winter. This is the best winter I can ever remember. I think the weather has a lot to do with it...the sun has been shining nearly every day. I feel...dare I say it? joyful! I like to think it's all in my frame of mind, but it might be the Lexapro :D

Killired said...

yes, everyone rush over to my blog NOW and find out how to vote for me in a blog contest i am in this week! thanks!!! thanks to dave, isn't he the BESTEST!!?!????!
of course he is!

Texasgal said...

You didn't tell me I could write 20... :(

It took me a while to pick out ten. I just tried to get the qualities that would spill over into other areas.

For example: Passion ~I was thinking that could be for me as well as the things of Christ and even in just living life. I dare say though you had more than ten yourself!