Sunday, January 29, 2006

Winterfest 2006

she really is beautiful, isn't she?
its not just dad's pride and prejudice.
we talked after the dance, about her dinner and her friends
and the single most disturbing event to her and my self
and then we took pictures, and hugged and went to our rooms
but I stayed up late blogging and thinking
and wondering where the world I grew up in has
gone to, I was hoping it was in Jayleigh's back yard, but even in the great midwest, there is a crumbling and a corrosion of the good, easy and simple life we knew as kids. Posted by Picasa


Killired said...

so true... she is beautiful! did she have a good time?

Lisa said...

you have a beautiful daughter! I hope she had a great time.

Joyce said...

Let me be the 3rd to say--she is beautiful!!

Sadly, that world seems to be fading. It is up to us to keep it alive in ourselves and in our children and grandchildren. A tough thing to do.

But surely, Oympic medalists can do it!!

Especially when the One who is ultimately Victorious on our team!

Marie said...

She is lovely. :) I'm sure this is one of many special memories of your daughter that you'll carry with you always.

Carol said...

Hi David,
Congrats on being a doting Dad. She is a beauty.

I posted the info on how to get the banner on your blog. It is on the banner page.

puremood said...

She is a beautiful girl.

I'm emailing you, too...

PresentStorm said...

She is beautiful :)

I am still unsure as well as to whether or not she had a good time.The post got a lil down ...I hope she did!!

Here via Michele

K Jones said...

Very beautiful daughter indeed. My teenager asked her first boy to dance last night and I got one of those, "Wow, where have the last fourteen years gone to?" moments.

Just visiting from Michele's.

Barbara said...

I keep looking for that simple world too David. Let me know if you find it.

Your daughter is a beauty.

David said...

heree is how Hannah described the difficult scene at the dance, "guys making out, eeewwww."

yeah, I almost lost my dinner over that!

Rhiannon said...

David, your daughter is very lovely, and I love her black dress!


Carmi said...

I keep exploring that very theme in my writing, and I sadly don't yet have the answer. I suspect I never will: the world continues to change, and we continue to look back at the simpler times that marked our past.

Yet I am encouraged by your writing: you write of a beautiful daughter and a caring family that looks after its own. The future can't be so bad when your family is so focused and close.

WendyWings said...

Beautiful daughter. I just sent mine off to her first formal last year, it is a bittersweet moment.

48 hour "auditions" at my blog if you want to take part :)( and anyone else)

sister celtic said...

I totally agree, your daughter is beautiful and the spittin image of your pumpkins... just kidding her dad... and isn't it aweful our kids haven't some of the wonderful experiences we had....God Bless.

Chrixean said...

Awww.....what a sweet darling daughter you have. I wish I will be blessed with a daughter for this next baby :-) Thanks for dropping by my blog, twice too!
For now, Wendy directed me he... but i'll be back ;-)

monica said...

SHe is flippin' stunning! Geez. Buy a gun LOLOL.

Texasgal said...

That's a great pic. She looks so grown up.