Sunday, January 29, 2006

BLOGOlympics the winners!

2 winners of GOLD actually
and all us losers
lost we lost! I cant believe it
I played fair
I was sociable, I asked before I went to the bathroom,
all that stuff, but I lost
to these two champs whiskey talking
and Running2Ks

who are first rate bloggers and real fine writers
if you ever are stuck in a bad neighborhood at night with a flat tire
THEY are the ones to call, they will write a nice ending for you,
or a nice eulogy!


Carol said...

Now that is an original one.

Barbara said...

David - This brought tears to my eyes. Uisce and Running2Ks will be all choked up when they read this.

monica said...

LOL... thanks for the laughs!


Joe said...

I made absolutely certain that I could not loose by not entering.

Lazy Daisy said...

Laughing, I wonder if they will have that etched on their tombstones....really touching Dave!

Uisce said...

She's right, I did get all teary-eyed! I hope it's just something in my eye! Thank you for the kind words and ill-advised vote of confidence! :) I've got a special olympian blogroll up in my side bar so I'll be able to visit everybody!

Running2Ks said...

So very sweet.

And, if you do break down, I have all of these extra FREE DAVEY! t-shirts I'd be willing to give you, off my back :)

Cindy-Lou said...

Definitely original!
Ok... you persuaded me to return to the bloggin' world ;) I've had really good intentions of coming back to post and have been, well, just too darn busy! But, I miss you guys! So, I'm back, at least part time ;)
Thanks for the encouragement!