Thursday, January 12, 2006

will I be riding the bus?

I had two dreams
for me to remember them is unusual.
I do not usually "interpret", but if you wish to do so, you may.
The reason I enjoy them is that the emotions were so intense and so fresh.
it was like I was not all worn down, I was like a tire that had full tread and could feel the road passing by under me.

Guy dreams always have a car, that is how you can tell the gender of a dream.
Mine was not 'macho male' though, because the car was modest, a family vehicle and worst of all, missing.
The T word.
The confrontation that ensued with the parking control person over the whereabouts and reclamation of my car was packed with stereo-types and years of calcified reactions to abuse of power by small men with lots of hair in some sort of blue uniform with an official looking badge on the shoulder.

There was a subtheme that worked itself out in the conversation I was having with my children over what it meant to us to have our car, and seemingly everything we owned taken over by some other entity, who would attempt to hold it for ransom because I parked in the wrong area without a permit properly dislplayed.
I recall the feeling of having no cash, no money, no way of dealing with the towing issue. There is no symbolism here, trust me.
The role of Simpatico, was played by a woman ( or course) who seemed to be my new boss at {YOU ARE GOING TO LAUGH } my job. My job at the phone company! The one I fled in 1990. So many similarities were there I made that assumption, quickly, upon waking. It was a generic job with a BIG employer, and I was dying to have it. The loss of transportation made me depserate enough to approach by boss for her to go toe to toe with the parking goon and try to get my car back. I wish that I could say this story had a happy ending, but my overfull bladder kept me from finding out what happened. sorry

feel free to interpret for me, or leave your own dreamy nightmare and whether they ever came to pass. I am not a prophet, but I played one once in church.


Joe said...

Interpretation is not my forte.

Having dreams is.

Last night I dreamed I had to ride a bike up a narrow twisting mountain road, but decided to drive a Volkswagon (catch the gender?) up instead.

I awoke as I was about to lose control on a tight turn and plunge over the mountain.

I'm glad I woke up.

Joan said...

Hello, Michele sent me. Your dreams seem very vibrant and full of emotion, indeed. I have no idea what they mean. I can't figure out what my own dreams mean, though, so don't feel badly.

I do sort of remember one dream I had repetitively as a child. It involved a giant witch who attacked my school. I drew attention to myself to save some of my classmates, and then she locked me in a shrinking cage with a very big, scary snake. I never did figure out what it was all about, but it was pretty scary!

Lisa said...

I have no idea what it means, but its still pretty amusing! :-) My dreams are all to often about work, and I wake up exhausted! lol

Bar Bar A said...

I am usually really good at interpreating dreams. I see a few things here.

You said the overall feeling you had was "intense and fresh" so this dream is pointing to something that is going on in your life right now.

The car could reperesent either your security or sense of responsibilty since it was a family car vs. a Ferrari or something.

You feel like your not pulling your own weight (the tow thing) but that someone else has control of the car (again the tow thing).

I think the parking control person represents someone in your life that may boss you around and you end up going in circles with this person but usually give in because they "wear the uniform" and it's easier to let them win than to keep fighting.

The subtheme relates again to what the car represents, and now your thinking about your kids and I get the impression that you want to do more for them, but can't. This frustrates you because you see no easy or immediate solution.

Then the job/boss things come into you really want me to finish? Let me know if you do or not.

sister celtic said...

I'll deal with the dream thang tomarrow.. i know what they mean.. God given word of knowledge and prohecy.. go to my blog and please enter the contest.. see ya when you get there..

zazzafooky said...

I frequently dream that my teeth crumble and fall out when I'm talking to people.

It's actually more of a night terror because I wake up in a panic and actually check my mouth.

Worst of it is I've heard at least 10 different interpretations for that one. Ugh.

utenzi said...

Michele sent me, David.

That's a very strange dream--and must have been vivid for you to remember it so well. I rarely ever remember my dreams.

I've only had my vehicle towed once, and it wasn't really towed. I left it at the curb at an airport a number of years ago to help my girlfriend with her luggage and a cop directing traffic had called a tow truck. He wouldn't let me go until the tow truck arrived and I paid the fellow. It's very odd to have to wait with a functioning vehicle to pay a tow truck driver.

I hope your future dreams are happier ones, David.

fl13grl said...

Wishing you a very lovely weekend! Ox...t

fl13grl said...

No worries- Claude is engaged! I love his fiancee'..See no bubble bursted!

Stephanie Davies said...

Hi there :) Michele sent me tonight! I am not going to try to give an interpretation on that one lol But I did have an unusual dream myself last night...essentially, I was being chased by tornados. Well, myself and my family. And everytime we would come out to see if it was safe, more tornados would pop up and start chasing us. It was a very odd dream :)

I loved your blog here, and I'm glad I found it. Keep up the great work!

Killired said...

michele sent me! like your Blog! i'll be back to read more!

rashbre said...

There's an unusually high number of dream posts on blogs at the moment. Is everyone eating cheese before thye go to bed?


Bill Scott, Sr. said...

I dont interpret either....

craziequeen said...

'I am not a prophet, but I played one once in church.'

nice sentence, david :-)


Snaggle Tooth said...

WellWoman did a good job already!

zazzafooky, usually that one means good luck comin with cash soon, I've had the same one before...

For quick dream symbols I check
to get approx. ideas of what it may mean to me, ya might remember more details to look up.

under "everything else" by letter
-Personal power. Ego.
Child or children
-Innocence. The new self seeking to develop. Part of self nature is childlike.
-Commodity. Profit or loss. Security. What do you value in yourself?
-Work on fulfillment. Frustrated or satisfied with life.

Not always exact science, I have 3 books n all say diff things, so relate how ya want...
I wrote about an ancient dream yesterday...
I did eat mac n cheeze!

surcie said...

I haven't a clue. Whatdja eat for dinner?

Enjoy the weekend! (Michele sent moi.)

Tammy said...

Dreams are just too weird. I can never figure mine out!

Michele sent me! :)

YellowRose said...

Some nights I have very vivid dreams, other nights I can't remember a thing! I wish I could intrepret what they mean...sure would explain what was playing in my head some nights!!!

Here via Michele's!

ribbiticus said...

whew! that was some exhausting dream! maybe it means you'll do everything to get what you love and need back (not necessarily material things, mind you). you must be the sort of person who places great value on people/possessions/happiness in general since you know how hard it is to acquire them. don't quote me coz i'll deny it...:)

good morning from michele!

Ivy said...

ive had bad dreams alot lately..I can't get them to seem to stop. Only mine are apparently from fear of being abandoned as everything in my dreams leaves me via death..

Michelle sent me..

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I'm here from Michele tonight..And I think Well Woman is on the right track and you should encourage her to go ahead and say more to you....Just my opinion...
I use to dream a lot but I haven't been dreaming that much lately...And I have no idea what that means! (lol)

Chrixean said...

Er.... I really don't know how to interpet dreams, but I've always been known to dream of things that are hidden in my subconscious.... like people you have not forgiven, material possessions you've never achieved yet....i don't know what i'm talking about really so you can ignore the opinion altogether, hehe :-)