Monday, January 16, 2006

thinking of a healthier me

My very good friend advocates for cutting wheat from my diet to aid with my depression and ADD symptoms. I always eat well and "wheat free" when I am visiting her house, but I have such a deep connection to all things Toasted, that I fear a part of me will disappear if I give up pancakes, waffles, bagels, most cereals, HAMBURGERS!
I'm a weak person when it comes to oral gratification.
I like something to snack on about, say, every ten minutes.
Most snacks have ties to international wheat conglomerates that are corrupting our children and destroying our sex lives, so their buddies "Big Pharmacuetical" and "big coffee" can sell us drugs we use to cope with our crazed kids and deprived spouses.

I tried to listen to my caring friend - but "Big Wheat" had so brainwashed me that I thought I would die if I went without for a week. Now Jim Carrey, who claims to suffer from depression, is eliminating wheat from his diet and feeling better. which is easier for him, he can just butter his hand and sit there licking off the butter and no one thinks its bizzare, they just think its a new routine.

So readers, any success stories out there? IS this a direction I might want to go?


Today's inspirational thought:
If you look what Starbucks has done for the nickle cup of coffee, what should you be offered in exchange for your thoughts? Certainly not a penny any more!

I love that you read this - and even more that you take time to comment - that is why there is no WORD VERIFICATION on my comments page.


Carol said...

It would take a lot before I gave up my favorite food group.

Patry Francis said...

I have to agree with Carol. Couldn't live without bread--do try to make it whole grain, though.

Joyce said...

I am having great success with eliminating food allergies from my diet. 48 straight days with no Restless Legs. The BIG things I have elminated are Soy (in every from except Soy Lecithin) and MSG. Many others too numerous to list. I had blood tests to determine what my allergies are--each individual is different. So far I have not cut back on my antidepressants, but hope that may happen. They said it could take 2 to 3 months to see the full benefit. The benefits I have seen so far make it TOTALLY worth while!! Hope this wasn't TMI.

Killired said...

hiya dave... you came to my site (via michele) so now I'm coming over to visit you!!!!

I have never tried to eliminate it from my diet BUT... I saw a psychic at a Halloween Party in 2004 and she told me that she thought I have an intolerance... I never really gave it much thought... how difficult is it to eliminate wheat? i just can't imagine it...

Texasgal said...

Hehe...buttering hands. Funny thought. I don't know...I don't eat much wheat and still battle depression at times. I think reality is that people are going to have emotions but my friend says it is just a chemical thing and it wears off in a few hours. Good luck~ ~Sarah

David said...

third day without wheat - I am dying
please send me donuts, and french toast, a ham on RYE sandwich would be nice also.
oh the things I will do for a friend.