Monday, January 16, 2006

life under the sun: Happy Happy Wheat Free

life under the sun: Happy Happy Wheat Free click this and find someone more likely to "jump on Oprah's couch" than even Tom Cruise.


Barbara said...

Thanks for voting for me!
Why give up wheat?

roya parsay said...

wheat or white stuff free like potato,bread,flour, sugar?

David said...

hi barbara - it is to see if it helps with depression and ADD symptoms. If you ran for president I would vote for you!
Roya, all wheat products, flour, bread, my beloved bagels, waffles pancakes, I am so depressed thinking about it. but my friend said the results will more than make up for any deprivation I may feel. If not I will bite her!

David said...

I found Spelt bread at the HFS ( heath food store) and some rice cereal, and rice crackers to go with my cheese. There are corn tortillas for wrapping my chicken or steak fajitas. Thank yGod there is no wheat in coffee!