Saturday, January 21, 2006

My resolution


That is it.
I know I want to write
and I need to be expressing what is in me
so that will be my new full time hobby.

A lot of what you read here will be fiction
a departure from the way I have been telling my story

I think I want to take my stories and tell them from another
person's perspective for the practice of seeing things and expressing them from a new point of view. So if you read that I was being beaten in the street, dont worry
It is a "other side" view of a place I was, and maybe already wrote about. (hint hint - archives)
I just retracted two pieces because they were raw and personal and could be misunderstood. I will keep them for myself. and for future honing.
I love that you read me - and double if you comment!


Kross-Eyed Kitty said...

Good luck with your writing! Here via Michele's.

Shelley said...

Yes, good luck with the writing. Can't wait to read it.

srp said...

Here from Michele's.
Good luck on the writing.
I love your Neeeiiiiggggghhhbor. Be sure and take him an apple on your next walk.

Dariana said...

Sometimes, it is those pieces that are "raw & personal" that turn our emotions into works of art. Have a beautiful day!

Joyce said...

Sounds interesting! I'll be reading....