Saturday, January 21, 2006

home late

I am home late from the fun we shall call
"making a living" - two days and 20 hours of laying slate in a beautiful yard in
marvelous Escondido, and being pampered with all sorts of wheat-free treats.
I did not finish til 9pm, started my drive after packing,
I was distracted by a thought to buy a gift at " the detestable store that I hate to go in but also the only one open at midnight"
I got my gift, and some shampoo and underwear
it turns out it was a good break in the three hour drive.

My eyes were closing as I got near home
but my guardian angel kept me on the mountain road

I have a lot more to say:

Blog Olympics
writing fiction
and what a friend is

for now I need sleep at 2:07 am

into my new flannel sheets


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Love flannel ssheets! I hope you are getting a really good rest, Davd...sounds like the trip back home after your day, was very tiring...

Carol said...

Eyes almost closing on a mountain road...are you crazy?

Oh yeah, I forgot.

lady_wisdom said...

So glad you got home safely!

David said...

young lady, I am rested and ready to blog.
Carol, yes I woke up in the wrong lane once, someone wrung all there was out of me, and more.
wisdom, That's a heck of a wringer you operate!

Jayleigh said...

Thanks for the chat this morning. I'm sorry you had a late night, and then were up early.

Good luck with your writing, dear heart.

David said...

at midnight in (blank)MART you notice weird things, I paid $10 for four pairs of fully functional underwear.
the poor lady in front of me paid more than that for four small pieces of lace held together by strings! what a rip off.

lady_wisdom said...

harumph about the wringer.....not many people get to take home TWO bottles of my wine, gratis. ;) And do you know how expensive wheat free treats are? Especially now that Jim Carey is on the bandwagon!

Oren Schmidt said...

Did you go to WalMart? Shame on you!!!!!!

Veronika said...

Wow, you're a hard working man. I hope you were able to get enough rest.