Monday, January 02, 2006

Catching a ray of brilliance

Capturing something beautiful:
As I was looking out after last night's storm,
just as the sunrise was becoming spectacular, my first reaction was to catch it on camera.

I have done this several times with good results. What this season has lacked in snow and rain it made up for in sunrise and sunset shows of color.

I did not take the picture since the camera is not handy
and also because I have a different gift:
Capturing ideas and putting them down on paper in writing.
Sometimes the idea for a writing piece gets away,
I presume it flies to the brain of another writer.
sometimes it goes dormant, waiting for its springtime.
Beauty outside is easy to appreciate, beauty inside is hard to see, describe and cultivate.
When I tell a woman that she is beautiful, or she says I am handsome, the almost immediate reaction is to think "flattery'.
I know I am not good looking, I have this defect and that.
We discount what is being said by our superior internal knowledge of "the facts". What the scale says, what I see close up in the mirror, all the blemishes of youth that are still there in my mind, clouding what is otherwise a happy face. You don't have to read too many hollywood bios to see that a perfect face, and a sculpted frame that has all the right clothes on it, delivered to the red carpet in a shiny limo, does not equate to a happy, healthy, beautiful person.
( thanks Rod Serling for that lesson long ago, and to the Twilight Zone marathon for the reminder)
I let the sunrise go by. It was beautiful and I hope some other camera caught it.
My dawning is coming in this loft room, where a mouses footsteps were my alarm clock this morning. Keyboard in lap, and coffee nearby I will let my brain put down in a memory bank somewhere the thoughts that make sense to me. I hope that someone can borrow from this account for their own enrichment, or make a withdrawal to lend to a friend. The times that I complain should be few, for I lack nothing except what I have thrown away, or carelessly left behind while I was running after a shiny object that caught my eye.
I truly enjoy the people I meet here, and feel enriched by knowing them.
To you, ( yes you) I say, " You are beautiful, you are the protrait painted by God, which when finished, he stood back and said, "There, just what I wanted, a reflection of myself, in a human vessel, to make the world a more beautiful place."
Thank you God for making my friends, they are the rays of crimson and gold that light the morning of my life.


mreddie said...

Thanks for the post - isn't it odd that we can have friends that we have never seen? And I do consider them as rays of light into my life. ec

Joyce said...

Wonderful post, David! I enjoy coming here to read and ponder. As far as deleting posts, my vote is don't. I often find reflections of myself here...both good and bad. Removing those negative post somehow takes away from the slice of life that you are at that moment--places we all find ourselves sometimes. And though I confess, I don't always know how to respond to the negative posts, I feel the hurt and empathize with it. With todays post, I celebrate with you the beauty that we find both in our physical surroundings (Kansas sunrises and sunsets lately have also been glorius), and in the people we meet.

Blessings to friend.

Veronika said...

Beautifuly written, as usual!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Gee, ya make me feel beautiful with the Creator's viewpoint thought there...
Wish I could get up to see the sunrise this week, been snoozin through it lately.
I truelly appreciate blogland friendz also.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

nice ---

Joe said...

If you don't mind, David, I'm going to take this post personally and say thanks.

Shelley said...

What a great post! Thanks for writing it and sharing it with us!

Danny Sims said...

Very good. Thanks. And thanks for the visit to my place. Good to see you again.

Bar Bar A said...

This was beautiful, David. You have such a way with words and its such a contradiction to the stereotype macho guy that you appear to be on the outside. I mean that in a nice way. And guess what your ARE good looking no matter what you believe. I've seen the beauty of your heart in the words you write and the handsomeness of the rest of you in your photos. So don't give me an BS about that - your special inside and out.

Nettie said...

Oooh, I love TZ!

Stephanie said...

Hahaha chasing after something shiny: me too, my friend... me too!

Hmmmm. I really enjoyed this! What a challenging and inspirational post. I might just have to come back sometime soon! ;)

BHGA said...

I pray God continues to inspire you...thank you for sharing the beauty that lies within you....this is exquisite writing...God Blessings in 2006