Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I'm sorry, so sorry!

Please accept my apology ( this is a really old song, and my anthem)
trivia: Who sang it and what year?

I have to give you readers some love, for being patient
( I on the other hand am never a patient reader when my favorite blogs do not post!)
So I am singing you my song (see title) and confessing to being a lazy slug and a sluggy laze. I didn't think I had much to say. I am getting very busy, I am also being harrased by evil sprits, Aliens in UFO's, bill collectors, women with supposed paternity tests that they want me to take on the Harry Springer Spaniel show, and reruns of my prior lives that play on the ceiling while I try to sleep.
All in all, I am not doing too badly.
I joined a band, and now play the bassoon for the "Friends of the Friendless Marching Band, which meets on friendly friday for visiting underappreciated blogs. You are welcome to join. Carol will assign an instrument if you don't play one, and then you go forth and leave comments where needed. I see us as a key element in the Presidents war on terror. If we keep just one blogger from 'going postal' because he got no comments on his brilliant piece of drivel relating the proper way to clean parakeet poop off the cage bars, we are doing humanity a great service.
If you see CAROL commenting she is the band leader and keeps time for us and cleans the mud off our patent leathers after a hard day on the parade grounds. I am in awe of her!

I am finshing some long overdue jobs and staring new ones - trying to work like crazy, since that is what I am. and sleeping is better when you are dead tired. I completed a month in my new quarters and am still seeing the potential, but with little time for home projects I am living a rather primitive life upstairs and one of enbelievable luxury downstairs. What the hell is that about? If I spelled it all out for you I would be late for my next round of the exquistite torture that I call "setting tile".
So trust me. I am the wierdest man to ever blog, and the king of eccentricity, and The Duke of Typos.

You wanted me to post, you were just afraid of what I might write,
so there it is!
That wasn't to bad now was it???


Jayleigh said...

taking a sick day today... have fun doing work

Carol said...

Yeah, David, I was wondering who you were hiding from. I never would've guessed.

Anybody wanting to join the FFMB, is welcome. Come choose your instrument. We have everyone from a harmonica player to well ,a bassoonist and more. Our motive is to discover and encourage talented bloggers.
Parade route is handed out on Friday.

lady_wisdom said...

Shouldn't that read "exquisite torture that I call "setting slate"? LOL.

David said...

do not take any quizzes today - its just not a good day for it!

Joe said...

I'n not too sure. I think my head is spinning.

Would you check it for me?

mreddie said...

Thanks for dropping by the patch. "I'm Sorry" was sung by Brenda Lee, released May 30, 1960 - I was in the midst of Signal Corps training at Ft. Monmouth, N.J. and was owned by the army at that time.

That was also Brenda's first gold record. One of the most amazing voices I've ever heard. ec

David said...

mr eddie wins a prize!! On March 28, 1960 Brenda recorded "I'm Sorry." The song was released on May 30, 1960. The song hit # 1 during the summer of 1960 and stayed on the Top 100 for over 6 months. "I'm Sorry" was also Brenda's first gold record selling over one million records and is her biggest selling record. The song became a huge international hit, and by the end of 1960 Brenda was an international recording artist. She is singing it tonight at a Bingo casino in Minnesota, tomorrow night too ( from her web site)

Shelley said...

LOL..that was a good post! Been a little busy with school work myself so that's why I haven't posted much...

Snaggle Tooth said...

Ya got me to chuckle a bit, that's a feat of magic today, thankz!

Sorry I don't have time to parade with ya this pass...

thankz Ed, I could hear it playin n couldn't remember today, rewind is stuck!