Friday, December 09, 2005

I am really hard on my readers

I am - its true, I drag you through lots of stuff.
Imagine what my friends go through with me.
To be fair I go through it with them also.

Is that what life on this tear stained planet is about?
We try and fail, we fall and need to get up
but our strength is not what it used to be,
our "go power" has gone.
Then a hand comes and takes ours,
a caring traveler on lifes rough road sees us in the ditch
beaten by circumstance and robbed by false claims.
They bring the embrace of a stranger or a caring friend, the love of a brother or sister as they stop, sit with us a while, and maybe cry along.
Then when they rise up, they pull us to our feet also,
put their strong shoulder under our arm, and walk forward
toward the next rest stop, Inn or place to eat.

You know what?
I would not have it the other way,
where I am so well fed and insulated from the rocky road that I have no need of my fellow travelers.
Let the "successful" speed along in their perfect vehicles to their
important meetings, doing well, as they say.
The fullness of life is not how much car you can park in your garage, its about when was the last time you picked up a stranger on a cold night and gave them a ride to their destination, and found out that in going out of your way, you got closer to where you really wanted to be.

Thanks to a long list of "good Sam's" who have been such a blessing to me.
My mom, whose faith was at times enough for both of us, and who balances caring and correcting with love that only a mom could manifest.
Thanks to my brothers and sisters, you believe in me even when I don't.
My children have contributed more than I can ever say to my growth as a man and a father, more than they should have had to, they have exhibited patience, grace and unqualified love for me, and I count it my honor to stand with them anywhere, anytime, and say, " this one is mine!"
To Their mom, who went through childbirth three times, and was the sensible one to counterbalance my impulsivesness. I could not have done it without her.
to many people who know me only by the words I type here, it matters that someone is listening. It's a joy to share the good days and the bright thoughts. I makes it easier to bear the hardships when I can tell you about them and know you care and pray for me.
Many thanks to Gail, my best friend ever. We are as different as two can be, but we have this in common, we know what love is. She personifies the hand to hold, the embrace that warms, the one who sits and listens, not only to me, but to so many others that she encounters on the tear stained planet. I love you friend, I always will.


utenzi said...

Michele sent me up the mountain to see you, David.

It's weird. I kept hearing a song in my head as I was reading your post, David, and it was one I've not heard in decades. "Try a little Kindness" by Glen Campbell. Words to live by...

Sandy said...

Popping in via Michele's. I think it's easy to just want to take the easy road, but who can appreciate the good times with nothing to compare them to.

Chatty said...

Stopping by via Michele. Going to read a bit as I am perplexed. But, I am always perplexed.

Kimi said...

Michele sent me. Very sentimental post. Sounds like you have a wonderful family and fantastic friends.

Minerva said...

I liked the directness and honesty of this... It is a cliche, isn't it, to say that a lot of men don't express their emotions but I loved the no frills approach that you show...

And thank you for the comment on my blog too..


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

good luck -- push on..

mreddie said...

Relationships are what it's all about, whether it's family, friends or even fellow bloggers. ec

steve said...

Bless you D.

God is so very good!

Anonymous said...

I must say, your son is adorable.
You should definitely be proud!

Snaggle Tooth said...

I enjoy your honesty, ernestness, n feel the same way about my grown kids. Good ta know ya, even if it's only through the blog-lands... You're welcome n thankya too!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I bet that everybody you mention thinks you're too hard on yourself. I'm from Michele's. Nice writing, kid.

Plain Jane said...

What a lovely tribute, I'm glad to have caught a glimpse.

From M's.

Karen said...

Hi David. Just visiting from Michele's. You have a wonderful way with words. So glad that I stopped by. Have a great weekend!

Joe said...

We thuroughly enjoy being dragged around.

Good post!

Carol said...

Beautifully said.

Anonymous said...

You are wonderful! No way you are hard on us. You share your life, and that is truly a beautiful gift.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

A fine post, David.

Michele sent me here.

Esther said...

Beautiful post, David. And wonderful sentiment.

surcie said...

Michele sent me, David! Sweet post.

Juggling Mother said...

That's a really nice post.

It's often the caring stranger that marks turning points in your life, but the friends & relations that are there to bouy you up through all the bumpy ride life throws at you. Although I wouldn't mind a trial of success - just to see what it's like you know....

Veronika said...

I'm listening. And thank you for listening. :)

Carol said...

What is a right flank honor guard?
Whatever it is, it sounds pretty official.