Monday, November 07, 2005

watching the night sky

It is really dark up here ( at night)
with the night sky so brilliant that the constelations almost get lost in the maze of stars and planets. My favorite viewing place is the hot tub. There, I am in no hurry, toasty warm and alone. The humming of the pumps is white noise, so interior thoughts are clearly heard ( but not recorded) my conversations usually are between me and God.
I usually see planes flying through the darkness carrying
unfortunates from one city to the next, completely missing the
loneliness of the wild land they are flying over.
I have ten toughts branching out from this one and I can not harness them because I am plagued by the thoughts involving moving my self and most of my junk this week to another house. so if my posting is sporadic or my thoughts jumbled please forgive.I have loaded my plate and now I must take it one bite at a time.

Maybe you have a favorite star watching place?


Nettie said...

No, but you make me want one.

Layla said...

Don't forget, it's your "girlfriend's" birthday. I'm going to have a glass of merlot in her honor tonight :)

Shelley said...

I am (or was) more familiar with the winter night sky. I love to see the constellation Orion; it's so easily recognizable now.

Some day maybe I'll be able to get a telescope, but I live in the city so don't see all the stars I could if I were in the country. I think that is one reason I would like to live in the country...the gazillions of stars you can see at night. Peaceful.

Jayleigh said...

The middle of my back yard, next to the fire pit on a blanket underneath the clear sky with my hubby.

:-) Ohhh I am already missing those summer nights!

Orion leaves us in another couple of weeks and that always makes me sad, but when he reappears, I'm happy because I know warm weather is close by!!!

Debi said...

on the beach

David said...

layla is trying to get me into some trouble by insinuating I have a girlfriend! she is referring to joni mitchell, whose music I love, and who is smart enough about her politics to keep it to herself. I'll drink to her also. The rest of the ladies can relax. I am so bachelor its pitiful.

Using up the words.... said...

Have to say that I had one of the most amazing nights star watching in California.... Merced Area... totally amazing with tons of shooting stars. We slept out on the deck in complete darkness with tons of big ol'trees around us, and the stars keeping us company.

Just WOW!!
Our God is pretty awesome for giving us such beauty.