Friday, November 04, 2005

10 ting sabout mi

ten things about me; not in any order of importance..

I look at all the stars and am pleased that amongst millions of galaxies,
God knows exactly where I am tonight. and He cares.

When I hurt I get quiet, when I am sad I need to be alone.

I'm not worried about dying, but I do not want to be sick.

I fall in love easily, and out very hard.

My retirement plan is a pine box

My back up plan is a lottery ticket.

It is four years after he died and I still miss my dog Chip

I own four vehicles and only one of them runs

I am thinking of buying a fifth

I don't remember what I did before blogging

tell me something about YOU...


mar said...

Sorry about your dog, David. I don't have any pets, but my post today is about pets. I can see the Med sea from my window, I have been here for the last 12 years. I have an only son who is a senior in high school. My husband has a back injury and has bed rest for another 2 weeks. So I am home all the time and enjoy visiting blogs for a break in my new role as an improvised nurse! Here via Michele's , have a nice weekend.

doug said...

Morning David, it's Doug again - the return of the one who bakes bread! Michele says hey........

Dak-Ind said...

Hello, Michelle sent me. kind of. if you disregard the rules about who to say helllo to, and just randomly say hi to lots of other people as wella s your directly above mate, then, yes, Michelle did indeed send me!

something about me? i loaded up on caffine, expecting my 6 month old to again today be awake all night. he isnt, i am. sigh.

Anonymous said...

10 things about you that are obvious from your list:
1.God is praised in your life
2.Emotions aren't easy to express
3.You are learning to face your mortality
4.Hmmm....That explains some things
5.Your hope is in the resurrection
6.You are a dreamer
7.You must be a good guy,men who miss their dogs have a good heart
8.You obviously don't understand the donate your car to charity plan
9.You are not particularly impressed with cars, they are transportation (Yea!)
10.Before this week I had never been on a blog site, but this one is interesting
One thing about me, I am afraid to get close to others, it doesn't always work out well.

Have a great day, debi

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I don't have any pets, but they obviously give so much love for years. The downside is being prepared to lose them eventually.

Michele sent me.

craziequeen said...

I don't remember what I did before blogging either.....

Here from Michele's.


layman said...

I thought you were talking about my dreams.

Michele sent me

ribbiticus said...

i have this weird habit. i absolutely have to wash my feet before immediately after coming from somewhere and again before going to bed. :)

taza said...

a few things about me:

blogging can be an irritating addiction!

i love my animal family to distraction--and therefore am often in mourning, as humans will almost always outlive their companion animals--but would not give up their company for the world!

i currently have 2 dogs--need to wait awhile longer before getting another cat; my old buddy's life ended almost 2 years ago and i'm still not ready for another feline. but i will be one day.

i love the book The Meadow and recommend it specifically to you, david!


taza said...

p.s. it's by james galvin :)

Shelley said...

Hmm...something about me...well, unlike the others I am not here from Michele's lol.

Let me see I am learning to draw this year! It's fun and I love it...even though I'm not very good yet. I'm learning though and with practice it will surely imrpove!

jane said...

WOW Sugarloaf mountain! I remember that all too well. We had a cabin on Red Ant even had an outhouse. It was directly across from a ski slope that was on the other side of town, as you were driving out, going around a curve. Up there lol.
My sister used to work at Chad's bar. And one time, some bikers told me & my brother to watch their bikes while they went in Chads. I was going to but my brother said to run like hell. And so we did. :)

sage said...

your mountain sounds wonderful... living now in the midwest, I miss mountains even though I just spent the past week in the mountains down south. Michelle sent me.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Loved your list! Let's see, something about me...I love my cat almost more than any human being I know...and wouldn't trade my life with him for anything! Always a pleasure to visit you.

Jayleigh said...


It's great to be up and at 'em on a Sunday morning, reading my buddy David's blog and not hurting too much.

Yesterday, Rob and I were talking about our calico Maggie May who passed away a little over a year ago. I bawled my eyes out over that little sweet kitty.

I love it when the Canadian Geese form V's overhead and fly south, honking all the way like maniacs.

The sound of the wind in the trees this morning nearly made me cry. So does the sound of wind and waves on the shore. Because it's when the noise of God's creation is louder than the cries of my heart that I can truly let go and let God.

I haven't been very supportive or much of a friend to you lately and I am sorry. I have been praying for you, though. Living sitch and heart and everything else. You are a good man, a good friend and I am blessed beyond measure and description to be in such company.

David said...

mar - spain, the med, you are the best nurse he will ever have.
doug - hello again
Dak - i really liked your recent post
debi - Bless you and thank you for being so kind
Jean luc - when is the next trekkie convention?
cq - I love the dragon!
Layman - I lost you
Ribbit I don't know what to say, except, "nice feet!"
taza - I will look for that at my used book store
Shelley - drawing is great - I should do more of it
Jane - sadly the city council decided that the name was possibly offensive and renamed Red ANT hill
to "Insect of Color Incline" it has a nice ring to it, kind of catchy, ehh?

Tara said...

Visiting from Michele's place. Going to go look around.

Carmi said...

Hi David. Thanks for posting to my blog. I'm sorry for the confusion. My intent was to spread the joy a little, and to help someone who needs a smile.

I do hope you'll take me up on my offer to visit Dena's site.

David said...

Jayleigh, it is you, not I who are amazing, humble, and servant of the most high God.. I think we are good for each other, I treasure our fellowship.
Sage, I will die here unless God buys me a sailboat.
Hills: I liked my list maybe I will do it monthly
Carmi: I did go - and it was worth the trip, thanks
Oh shelley, those are really good drawings, keep it going!

phoenix said...

Like the list David... shows a man of honor, with a big heart to go with it. You can't ask for more!!

Hi from Michele this time :)

Joe said...

"I'm not worried about dying, but I do not want to be sick."

Having had twelve heart attacks, I often "joke" that I do not fear death, it is the process of dying that I wish I could avoid.

"My retirement plan is a pine box

My back up plan is a lottery ticket."

Best line I've seen or heard today!

Joe said...

P.S. Before blogging I was a man with time on his hands.

Sandy said...

lol at your retirement plan that a new one sponsored by the government?

Nettie said...

What kind of fifth vehicle do you want?

David said...

nettie - i just said a fifth - not necessarily a fifth vehicle.
Joe thanks for the double comment - you are my hero
how does your chest look? kinda cut up?

Goofy Girl said...

Hello, Michele sent me. Will your fifth car be a running one or a stationary one?

Fact about me: I love doggie kisses, as long as they are close mouthed!

David said...

heather, do you have a blog?

Joyce said...

Loved your list. I think I'll post one on my blog!