Sunday, November 20, 2005

never better

I have never seen a college football game more exciting or better played than USC v Fresno.
I read the play by play on until first quarter was over, I had to see it so I drove to my friends house and canned pears as I watched in amazement as two perfectly matched foes slugged it out. Right down to the last minute, I was hoping and praying that Fresno State would have enough. I think they shocked USC and maybe embarassed their defense by scoring 42 points.
I am not a huge football fan, but I love these guys!
I'm off to work, and I think I will pick up the Sunday paper to see what the LA writers are saying about Fresno.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I use to watch Football a long time ago, cause I wnt to USC for a short time, and then had a serious serious -whatever-it-was, with a Gorgeous Football player..but, I don't watch anymore..I must say David, you peeked my interest somewhat again....
Here from the lovely Michele, today!!!

Liz said...

i agree. i rarely watch football unless it's a UCLA game, but i was seriously hoping i was going to see history made.

Joe said...

I used to be a huge football fan, loving the game and all. Now, I am huge, but not much of a football fan any more.

My Dolphins are a joke.

Bar Bar A said...

glad you got to see a good game :)

Marcia said...

College football is so much fun because you never know what's going to happen. Supposedly perfectly matched teams result in blow outs all the time, while games that are supposed to be easy aren't.

Dak-Ind said...

hello, michele sent me. so ya, yesterday i watched the apple cup (go cougs) then the civil war (GO DUCKS) then i watched the trogans (who are the number one team in the nation) struggle to beat an amazing unrated Fresno state. i hate the BCS, because now my precious ducks may not even get a bcs game even though the only team to beat them all year are the defending national champions, who happen to be number one again this year. i dont think the ratings on college football and bowl games are equitable, but i do love to watch it!

Michelle Pessoa said...

I don't follow football, so I'm afraid I don't have anything witty to say.


Visiting from Michele's.

Barbara said...

Football is one sport I have never been able to get into. I saw a professional game once and it just went on and on! They would play for 5 seconds then the whistle would blow them they would stand around discussing who-knows-what for 5 minutes!
But as much as I dislike football I love hockey! Go Canucks!

Müzikdüde said...


They have a ball club?

Who knew?

Jayleigh said...

miss you, old friend


Nettie said...

What was with the pears?

David said...

Joe, you are huge! and we attest to the hugeness of your goodness also.
Well woman - glad you are back here.
MB i agree that college ball is more fun, no million dollar egos involved.
DAK- who does this BCS anyway, can we trade them to Mexico for a gardener to be named later?
Jay - I miss you too.
Nettie I wrote my comment mostly for you. Pears are good for alla sorts of things and most espaecially when you don't want to be alone.

jane said...

Tarzan & I are USC fans, but I had a feeling from the beginning of the game, Fresno was trouble. They're in Central Cali which is no doubt tired of being upstaged by So Cal teams. Plus, they've got some tough cornfed boys up there.
Close game, too close.
While I like both USC & UCLA, I hope 'SC devours them. (But I really, really, like Maurice Jones-Drew)