Tuesday, November 01, 2005

lets just be funny for a sec

I love things that make me laugh
even better if I laugh and also go hmmmmm?
as in wondering about the weird thing that
made me laugh.
today's weird thing that made me laugh was
a pack of toilet paper rolls
not a twelve pack. or eighteen
or twenty four pack, Nope!

here it is - from Costco, the Jumboest jumbo pack
of 36 rolls of toilet paper. enough for a platoon of soldiers,
five troops of Boy scouts on Jamboree, or the porta potties at
an Anti war protest.

Why did I laugh? .... the dear friend who needed this much TP
still had 19 rolls on the shelf.
So please my dear and faithful feminine readers
explain to me what is the fear of running out of toilet paper
that is so scary that it drives this need to stock up.
By all means go count the rolls you have
( i am down to nine, which will last til christmas)
I really want to know.
Why so much TP ?
and what does it mean to get down to like two or three rolls
Do ladies stock up before hurricanes and snowstorms?
I love the differences in the genders, and the fun it sparks
as we analyze each other, so enlighten me, please.


lady_wisdom said...

People get down to two or three rolls of toilet paper? Surely you jest! I have three 12 packs, 1000 sheet rolls sitting in my closet as we speak. It has been that way since my two daughters left for college. I have two boys, one renter, one squatter and three part timers, ALL men/boys. It scares me how slowly they all go through toilet paper. Nope, better NOT go there. Havng toilet paper is well, security, kinda like the scizzors being in the drawer when you need them, and the quart of coffee creamer mostly full, and needles in the pin cushion, a full roll of stamps in your drawer when you're trying to mail Christmas letters. Or six cords of split oak logs sitting under a tarp, staying completely dry during a terrible snow storm.....it's a basic human need love, food, clothing, and toilet paper!

Anonymous said...

TP is a necessity for women, NOT an option! Also, we are not likely to wait until we go to the store or use napkins, or drip dry, so TP becomes like water, a daily necessity, not a luxury. Please remember this.

The Merry Widow said...

LOL!!! I totally stocked up on TP before Hurricane Rita. I now have 78 rolls of TP sitting around at my house.

Now you may be wondering, "Why do girls use so much toilet paper???"

But what I'm wondering is, "Why do boys always leave skid marks in their undies? Don't they know that the 78 rolls of TP I have available are for everyone's use?"

And sorry for the lack of posts lately. I haven't even checked my blog in who knows how long. And you guessed correctly...Guy #6 doesn't leave me any time for anything. I promise to post soon, though!!!

Jayleigh said...

I have 6 or 7, according to Rob. I wonder what happened when they used to only sell them in 4-packs. SURELY people didn't by 9 packages at once.

Glad to be back sweetie and thanks for the prayers.

The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

After twenty years of marriage struggles, I no longer buy toilet paper. My wife is just too picky and to me, one roll looks like the next. It's not about one or two ply, or the patterns. No, the stuff has special fragrances. There is something just wrong about that.

utenzi said...

Tp, huh? Now that's an unusual topic for a post. Right now I've got most of a 18 roll pack under one of my sinks. A roll lasts me nearly a month, but my girlfriend goes through a roll in about 5 days. As far as I know she doesn't eat it, but how she goes through that much totally escapes me, David.

Merry Widow, to be indelicate about it--guys have lots of hair back there so we can only get so clean. Skids are the result. Only way to prevent that is to shave that hair... and it's not in an easy spot to get to!

phoenix said...
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phoenix said...

I am down to one, but the reason???

Because the sears catalog just doesn't cut it any more! hehehe

Seriously though... you guys only have to wipe for the #2's the other can be ummm shaken off... while we women have to wipe for both... an depending on if the woman shaves or not... well you get my drift.

Sandy said...

You should see our Costco everytime there is a hurricane headed our way...EVERY cart has the pack of TP, water, and rice, and most likely Spam and Vienna sausage.

Jayleigh said...

Sandy. SPAM?? Try TWO packs of TP. eehhh

WendyWings said...

I never have less then 12 rolls in the house but that seems mild in comparison to some LOl
Michele sent me :D

Nettie said...

You didn't take pictures of the toilet paper? I would've. Maybe that's the gender difference.

Joyce said...

Ummmm...I think I have about 29 rolls on hand. But I learned this from my DAD! He always bought TP by the case. I think there are two possible reasons for this. 1) He owned a gas station--but that stockpile was separate. 2) He lived with a wife and 2 daughters and didn't like having to deal with the whining if we ran out!!!

taza said...

Hi there, i'm over from maggiezfarm! and loved this post. i don't get it (the stockpile mentality) either, but then again--when are ya gonna STOP using it? :)
i only buy unbleached tp (think about it--do ya really want to rub bleach on your hiney?) and only one 12-pack at a time. when i'm down to the last roll or 2, i buy another 12-pack. simple!

Veronika said...

Don't get me started! But since you did (or I did by coming here), I have so much - probably 23 rolls total in my house because I don't want to run out! And none of that 1 ply stuff; it's definitely got to be the 2 ply.