Monday, October 31, 2005

Yesterday four of us macho men tackled the biggest logs you have ever seen with a beeg chainsaw and the heaviest log splitter I could rent.

Oak, blessed oak! Friend of wood cutters every where. How do I love thee?
Let me count the acorns.
No it did not snow here yet.
But I did not have my camera with me yesterday when we were splitting firewood ALL DAY LONG! This is our main source for heat
and its looking like a better bet each year
Phooey on all those arab fat cats and texas oil men! I am burning the original renewable resourcePosted by Picasa


Shelley said...


Sandy said...

sheez, call me ignorant, but I always thought Oak was some expensive wood that you would save to make furniture with...and you use it to BURN???

Broken Sound said...


Joe said...

So we should just take your word for it that you "chopped wood all day?" No pictures?

David said...

you know what sandy, half way thru this 14 foot long log the same thought occurred to me - so I am calling some furniture people right now.
Joe of little faith: we did all manner of wood cutting from 9 am til 5 pm when the sunset and put the kybosh on further frolic. see if you get ant firewood in your stocking for Christmas!!!!
Ian, thanks

phoenix said...

You sound a lot like my other half. We have a woodburning stove that he is determined to repair so he can tell the oil companies where to shove it...

Not that his opinion will change anything lol

Jayleigh said...

rock on my brothaaaaaa