Friday, October 28, 2005

when the earth gets really warm

Now its the Prince of freakin Wales telling us we got to fix this global warming thing!
Here I did not think the current crop of royals had a brain in their collective heads, and certainly no taste in women.
Now turns out that POW (prince o wales) is also a climatalogical expert, just like Barbara Streisand and Ed Begley Jr.
It is a really warm October day in the UK, what will the British press write about it?
That its a lovely change for the darkest nastiest, wettest place on earth?
No they will piss and moan that it must be the end of all life as we know it because we are averaging 1 degree C higher in the last 50 years.

I want to tell the Environmental wackos and the pseudo scientists something about global warming: IT gets WORSE. much worse.
The saddest thing is you could avoid it but the one place you could be safe from global warming is closed to you because your mind won't let you go there.
The world IS in breakdown mode, decomposing and degrading at a rapid rate.
In the end, it gets really awful, where God has to turn the OVEN to "self cleaning" temperature to rid the earth of the worst crud ever that has built up over the centuries. Unbelief is root of the tragedy and incredibly suffering are its symptoms.
The angel speaking to John on the island of Patmos about 70 years after the birth of Jesus, tells him to write this ( revelation).
By chapter 16 its getting hot

verse 7 : "And I heard another out of the altar say, Even so, Lord God Almighty, true and righteous are thy judgements.
v8 And the forth angel poured out his vial ( bowl) upon the sun;and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.
v9 And men were scorched with great heat, and blaspemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory."
KJV for extra scorchiness

So who are you going to listen to: the Creator and Sustainer of all things
or the man who left Princess Di at home to be with Camilla?
This is not a hard question.
Even Prince Harry can figure this out.


Shelley said...

Hmmm...I'm thinking that listening to the creator is the best bet to go with!

lady_wisdom said...

Preach it bro! And hey, we all know Cali is the land of fruits and nuts. Of course I have a nut almond, Three in One to be exact. Altho, the wild parrots eat them all before they ripen. I was wondering where all the almonds disappeared to until one day I saw several of the most beautiful parrots in the tree. Apparently there is a wild bunch that lives in the area. Noisy, but oh so beautiful.

And I'm with shelley, I'd rather trust the One Who came up with all this than someone who can't seem to figure his own life out. God has never failed, and He is sovereign over all, even global warming! ;)

King Woofa said...

Sweet blog.

scrappintwinmom said...

My money is on the creator. Here via Michle's today.

Cheryl said...

Hi David.
Michelle sent me.
Interesting opinion.

doug said...

Morninf david, here from Micheles, interesting views and I will be back soon to see more! So Cali based also......... Doug

Heheh, I see you bake bread also....... hm perhaps some day a "Blogging Bakeoff" will be in order!

OptyMyst said...

:::wiping brow::: yep, feeling the heat.

Joe said...

Snow this early in the year? Must be global warming.

Cool 50s in Florida? Must be global warming?

Only 35 Florida panthers left in the wild (sign on State Road 29. It's been there 20 years)? Must be global warming!

Leanne said...

Global warming! haha! It cracks me up that people think they can control the environment. Save the wetlands, blah blah... these people obviously don't understand the Grand Scheme Of Things.

They are entertaining though, aren't they!

Michele sent me. :)

Veronika said...

Michelle sent me
I think I'll listen to The Creator. He's been right so far!

YellowRose said...

Yeah, I think I'll stick with the sure thing...the Creator of all things great and small! ;)

Michele sent me!

Wickwire said...

Interesting topic of the day, I'm feeling like one of those people on the outside, watching Noah rebuild the ark. Lets rethink this on.

Michele sent me.

doug said...

Hallo Bread Maker second trip today due to fates inytervention of post timings at Michelles, where BTW she still says "HI"

hehehe Doug

Anonymous said...

michele sent me

nice music

LOVE "Daughter" by John Mayer


Anonymous said...

Just realized that the music was from Yellow Rose's website, not yours!


netchick said...

I say... Go watch Magnolia. Then, watch it again.


Here from Michele's!

netchick said...

Magnolia is my fav movie -- And, the soundtrack is mostly by my favourite artist: Aimee Mann. It's an extraordinary movie by P.T. Anderson.

ivoryfrog said...

Lets just say I don't take the Prince of Wales very seriously, I mean Camilla? come on that doesn't show good judgement now does it?
Good post. :-)
here from Micheles this morning!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I like your take on things and want you to know, Michele sent me!

ribbiticus said...

global warming? what's that? charles is a prince? - lol!

you so speak the truth, bro! keep it up.

michele sent me today. :)

Texasgal said...

KJV for extra scorchiness!

Haha, that is rich. I love it. Your totally right there Mr. D!
My gosh, where do all the posters come from? They are like termites climbing out of the wood. Oh, excuse me my brain was thinking on paper again. Sorry!

Nettie said...

I never liked Charles, I'm glad he won't be my king.