Thursday, October 27, 2005

Better than unsliced bread

Sitemeter tells me that 75% of you need a new web browser.

Don't ask me why it told me that.
If you still have IE, Internet Explorer, you are officially living in the bronze age
While bronze is cool, silver and gold are what people strive for.
Do not continue to endanger yourself and
the whole free world by using a browser not approved by the head of Blogland security, Leo Laporte!
GO now ( or after you post that brilliant piece about your cute babies)
to and download Firefox.
Trust me. you can do this,
It will look a lot like what you are using now
with less popups, viruses, trojan trojans ( GO USC!!!)
and grouchy bears ( GO UCLA)

Yikes I am lost. Just download the thing, you will thank me later.

if you are the 25% who are hip and cool and trendy,
and you've already visited 'my son at university'
and Texas Gal's art gallery, then I commend you to my archives
May 19th,
There is a bonus for whoever can tell me if I wrote anything good that week!


Jayleigh said...

I didn't even RE-READ the post and I'm going to tell you it was about the time you spent at the eye doctor's office, waiting for your mom to be finished with her appointment.

It was from that post, David, that I knew I wanted to be your friend because you're such a great son to your momma.

*hugs* and have a great weekend!

Bar Bar A said...

I did the FireFox thing. You're so a good way!

I agree with Jayliegh, you are a very good son - mine better take care of me like you take care of yours!!!

Jayleigh said...

I did the firefox thang also, but I'm not using it because it is annoying to me right now. Maybe next week I'll try again. I'm so resistant to change.


You're a good man, Charlie Schmidt.

David said...

One more user of firefox - we all need to work smarter here folks - switch and tell a friend. Bill Gates will NOT send you a nickle for every email you forward, but I will send a jar of plum jam to Jayleigh for when she gets back from her surgery.
Plum, rhymes with YUM!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I'll check this out David..I mean FFirefox...I've seen other bloggers write about it, but your the first person that I've read who recommends it! Thanks...
(I left a comment on your Friday blog...Michele sent me there!

rashbre said...

I use safari on my Mac, which is how it tips out of the packet, but I still agree with you about Firefox on PCs. Whenever I look at blogs with IE, theres all kind of rendering errors and sundry glitches. Someone needs to give it a massive overhaul.

nb if you like Firefox, and want to see the future, check out flock too.


utenzi said...

Maybe and maybe not on the browser stats, David. Not all browsers that "tell" that they're IE are really IE. Though I do suspect that most are. I use several types of browser--never IE--and some of them for compatibility reasons report that they're IE to inspecting software.