Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wanted: Part Time IT person

I don't even know what an IT person is
but I want one.
I want to just write. Period
I am at peace with the fact that I can not type.
I am not sure why spell check and copy and paste will not work inside my version of Blogger, but it does not hold me back very much.

I could use someone to do all the other stuff that isn't creative writing.
Now that I have access to a digital camera I can document more of my travels.
I have such limited computer skills that I have to rely on other bloggers
to talk me through upgrades that added sound and music to my site.
My daughter who is 14 and OWNS my heart,
made the template changes that are on here now.
She is learning to write HTML the way kids do, just by doing it.

I also want a pool guy, but I am waiting till I have a pool.
Ditto on the lawn care professional.
Never mind the personal chef, I like burning my own dinner.

Your turn: who do you want to make your blog/ life more fun.


Shelley said...

I just got my blog recently made into more fun! Darlene at What Would Jesus Blog did it, and she did an awesome job!

Nettie said...

I suppose I'm like a kid too, in that I just do HTML. But that isn't very helpful.

Jayleigh said...

I would like to have someone to clean and cook for me. That'd make my blogging a lot more fun.

Bar Bar A said...

I like Jayleighs idea!

I am learning HTML too - it's not just for kids :)

Just keep doing what your doing.

Sandy said...

I'd like a group of best friends like the ya-ya's! well...except for the alcoholism and child abuse. haha

Anonymous said...

I'll take the "someone to clean and cook for me." Uh huh......

Joe said...

I don't know. You do a pretty good job of making my bloglife more fun.

Heather said...

I have no problem with the cooking but I definitely want someone to clean for me.

I don't even know how to create a list of blogs I read so you're way ahead of me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Well, I started my blog all by trial and error. No one taught me except Jesus Christ who has given me the creativity and inspiration to post. Praise God!

I'm not a IT person, if I can do it, surely you can too! Seek God for his ideas and wisdom. He is our teacher afterall.

I cant really cook much (simple dishes)but I love to eat. Someone who enjoys God's creation and love to travel with him.

Keep believing that you can do it, no age limits, my friend. God loves you!

Using up the words.... said...

Hmmm... I love cooking, so I'll keep that one, but the cleaning part does take up abit of what could be blog time. :) But what would make it more fun????

Good thing that God knows the desires of my heart, huh. hehe

All I need is friends! I am blessed!

Dean said...

You don't want an "it" person. Read Martin Buber's "I--Thou"