Friday, October 21, 2005

Blog or get off the pot

Well I came up with a good title for the post.
That's about half of the secret to this BLOG thing.

I could do blog writing lessons in this space.
How to catch the eye of the person who is just pushing the "next blog" button
and make them stop and read.

Some people put a song on their blog
Administrator lady warned me against that long ago
( its too loud and you can't find where the stop button is )

Some bloggers have unbelievably complex skins (backgrounds)
which make it impossible to read the text.
This is a clever approach when you have little to say.

You can see my approach- if you read this far down: The shotgun, or as the pilgrims called it, the scattergun. Blast out a whole bunch of unattached ideas and hope that one of them hits a new reader, gets under their skin and causes the infection we know as 'readeritis'
and hopefully it will blossom into a compulsion to comment

With me this happened in about ten seconds
I read my son's blog, wrote a comment,
was not able to post it because I had no blogger identity
so I registered, went back and commented
and hit that "next blog" button, which I think should be on every keyboard,
and I was off to 'wonderland'.
Usually this means I wonder what they are saying
Sometimes I wonder what language that is?
I wonder why they thought that was a good picture to post.

And then I come to a place like 'Grand Adventures'
and I just sat in wonderment.
What a blessing to see the heart of a lady
on display in a tasteful, transparent, touching way!
I was hooked
and hooked into all her favorite blogs and the folks who comment there.
Thats my history.
who hooked you on blogging?

- I am off to drive mom to the doctor, seems she has a screw loose.

Ps - if you are a regular here and have not looked at my digital pictures
you have two more chances and then they will be force fed into your email.
I can not go out in the rain taking pictures for you not to see!
This is important stuff here, don't make me put a site meter on the
"travels with charlie" blog and go through the trouble of tracking you down.
Don't make me come down there!


Shelley said...

Umm...I don't know what did pictures are or where to find them. But, I did look at the ones you posted not long ago...

What got me hooked on blogging? Well, I had been reading on a Christian message board for awhile and people were talking about blogs, creating blogs, etc. I had no clue what a blog was so I posted a comment and asked. I was told what it was and I that I should make one.

Well, I didn't right away. I didn't think I had anything to say, and really I still don't. But, I took the plunge, clicked on a link for someone who had a blog at blogspot and read her post, then found where to create one and, voila! Here I am today, hooked on blogging.

Jen said...

Hi David-
Just wanted to thank ya for stopping by my blog today!

What started me on blogging was actually my best friend Melissa. I liked her blog so much and I liked the idea of the creative outlet, (I love writing) that I thought it would be a good venue for me.
I work a lot so I don't get to spread my creative wings as much as I'd like to anymore and blogging seems to work for me.
I love it! I love reading about the lives of other people and laughing at the everyday fobbles that they have just like me. Makes me feel like I'm not the only one in the world!

Bar Bar A said...

My friend Regina turned me on to blogging. She uses Xanga but I'm more of a Blogger gal.

I found you cause you found me and I am glad we found each other's company (sung to that tune on Barney).

What pics? I looked at your pics...add links then people will look!!!

Neo said...

David - I liked that cliff shot. That was too funny!

Makes me feel good to know someone else may be more crazy than me.


Joe said...

Looked at your pictures. They were great.

A friend of mine came over all excited about his blog. He showed it to me, explained how to do it and I did.

He rarely blogs any more.

David said...

Shelley, here you are hooked on blogging, and neglecting your family and personal hygiene, how sad!

Jen, Melissa was a virus and very dangeraous run for your life. you are not alone in the world, that is true, there is your dog, Fido or is that a swedish singer?

Well Woman, xanga is a dangerous cult stay away from them - all hail blogger! I puked when I tried to sing the Barney song.

Neo - my son is a nut, and worse he will not wear the militia approved tin foil hat, Kids will be kids!

Joe - give us the name of this "so called" friend and we will pelt him with threatening harrassing email and comments, to force him to posta again. We can not tolerate back sliders.

Sandy said...

You are so funny! I did a post about the Next Button too. In the very beginning, I literally spent HOURS into the wee morning just clicking next, next, next. I LOVE to read blogs!

David said...

umm - mom's screw ( in her leg) was not loose. so they are leaving it alone even though it makes a bump in the skin of her shin. Its been there for 18 years and just became noticeable I will post a pic of the exray later if I can figure how to scan it.

Neo said...

David - If your son's ever in Philly let me know, I'll buy him a beer.

He's just funny crazy!

Amanda Sue said...


thanks for stopping by Upheaval. looks like you are "recruiting" new readers. :)

i appreciate that you comment back when someone comments on a post. very refreshing. too many people don't, and that is like having a conversation with yourself. or a brick wall. or both.

Jayleigh said...

My sister Dotty hooked me on blogging.

You are so nice to me and I don't even know why. Just when I wonder if you've truly gone off the deep end asking about my Halloween Organ Pull and then you go and say something so nice.


Texasgal said...

I started posting through blogger when I was forced to get a username to make a comment on a friend's weblog. I already had a blog but I was getting so much spam that I decided to ditch that last effort and come here.

Great pictures! I want to meet everyone even the strange rock climber guy seems like he might be cool. I guess that is genetic as well!

jennypenny said...

i started blogging after becoming hoooked on a friends photo blog. i love hitting the next blog button and seeing where it takes me.. there are some very strange bloggers out there (not to judge of course) here from micheles tonight