Friday, September 23, 2005

the unsolved crime

Who killed Gus ?
He was a beautiful but troubled man, an artist of high caliber.
He had a gift with a camera lens and a paint brush and a problem with the bottle.
He was hard to get to know because his voice was softer than the duck lady.
(OK, a Bradley tank has a voice softer than the duck lady)

Was it a murder for hire, made to look like an accident?
The Sheriff was efficient and ruled the death from natural causes,
so that the insurance would pay, and the paper work would be minimal.
It was most likely a suicide, by alcohol poisoning
can you blame him for ending it all ?

I do. Help is always available,
and noone, not even a batch of ducks should have been left behind with
the dread wrath of Venus. Divorce would have been expennsive
and sobriety is a hard thing, but bailing out is just not right.
We miss you Gus, you were a good man, and a rare talent.

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