Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Summer is gone

Summer is gone
She left our town in the back of a truck
that was towing a boat.
she took the warm evenings
and the swealtering afternoons away with her

Summer is gone
she tucked the kids into school
before she turned out the light,
and laid another blanket on my bed

Summer has left us
with treasured memories
and overflowing trash cans.
A season full of happiness, a teaspoon of regrets

Summer has packed her bathing suit
and flip flops and she rode out of town on the
receding wave of laughter of our weekend party guests

Summer was a beauty, strong and tanned and young.
She needs a new place to play now
where winter's frost can not touch her golden skin

She leaves us and yet becons and calls
that we can travel too.
"Pull up your roots,and run with me.
We will chase the sun, south, over the border"

Summer left my town last night
and left me standing in the darkened street.
Cloudless sky full of stars, not a sound was heard,
except the whisper, the breath of summer on the run


Jayleigh said...

You are so awesome. David. Completely. I was feeling this way yesterday, only I didn't write it so eloquently as you.


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

hey thanks for dropping by my blog earlier. our summer still has a few weeks left, fall is my favorite season so i'm actually looking forward to it. not sure whether this was written by you or not, excellent job if you did it yourself!

Nettie said...

I miss summer already.

TMK said...

That was nice. Although, summer is still in effect here in Tejas. We are still having highs in the upper 90's, and will be like that until Nov. possibly Dec. Seasons are non-existant here in TX.

Liked the poem though. Have a great day.

David said...

thanks- all for the appreciation, it is why I write. to have fall coming is another gift - but my son leaves for college in a few weeks, so I will be missing him greatly as I miss his older brother in fresno, who refuses to blog.... Rats!

Lucy Stern said...

Ahhh..But here in Houston, summer forgot to take her heat!

Heather said...

That is really beautiful. I can't believe summer is gone.

Joe said...

Good, as usual. I live in Southwest Florida where we have summer almost all year 'round.

But I used to live up north and have watched her go.

Texasgal said...

Grins, a Texan here but the writing still rings true as all are heading back to school and life settles down to it's wintry grind.

Anonymous said...


Nice Poem.