Friday, September 23, 2005

the curse of the duck eggs

a tiny scrap of paper leads a man to murder and mayhem:

There are, I believe, "nice" people and "not nice" people.
There are also people who have two distinct personalities woven inside their skin
and seem to flip, like a light switch and morph from really nice to really mean and rotten.
Duck lady was not a nice person when we met her, but she pretended, acted that way to win our cooperation and companionship. She was most angry and punitive with her husband, Gus.
He had problems, and I can't say if these were because of or predated his marriage to this sick woman. He stayed too long and it cost him his life. I stayed too long and it cost me some of my "rosy" view of mankind.

The notice at the duck store said "Duck eggs and duckling for sale 584-xxxx"
I called and we went over to buy some eggs, because we love fresh eggs.
We got more than we bargained for.
As a father of three with full responsibilty for them I was struggling in so many ways.
We had a lot of animals and a lot of pets. I got the ducklings as pets and as part of our biology lesson. They were beautiful and fun to watch as they played and preened in their yard. They tried mating, but since Dookee was a female, she did not have the means to fertilize Daphne's eggs. So no babies, but twice as many eggs for breakfast. I built them a house that was racoon proof when locked. we filled a small wading pool.
Later we would adopt Venus' goose and gander when she could not care for them any longer.
Tammy, the goose, still lives nearby and I "talk" to her when I drive by. everyone thinks its wild that she recognizes me and my voice and gets all excited to see me. She lays eggs the size of a small softball, and has the most beautiful white face with blue eyes.

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