Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Keeping track of ( some) of the bad guys

I read the sex offender registry web site periodically
and maybe I should look more often.
For Calif they make it easy with Megan's Law
A friend alerted me to an offender on my street
but not nearby, and I began reviewing the list
to see if I knew any of these people.

Of course I don't know any sex offenders!
That is what I thought.
But I do. YOu might
and now it bothers me that you can't tell from
the appearance, the speech, the "feeling" you get
about a certain person.

The WORST thing about the web site listiings
is the false sense of security they may give if
you see that your neighborhood has no "offenders" listed.
Here is the problem.
They have not all been caught
and some who were did not get convicted.
Even if convicted, served time, and are out now
they may not be living where they are registered.

So review these sites
and then guard your children and teach them as if
there was one on every corner,
because there might be.

Wow, I did that whole post and never called them perverts! Cool.


steve said...

PLease Pray for little Rebekah RIGHT NOW. She is in surgery and not doing well at all.

God is good (and Big enough)

Bar Bar A said...

I found two people I knew on Megan's Law, a neighbor and a man I taught Sunday School with for years. Not a good feeling to see that both of them were convicted for crimes involving children.

It's a sad fact that we need to teach our children their our predators everywhere. Very, very sad.

Live, Love, Laugh said...

It is sad that we can't tell by looking if someone is demented or not. I so agree with you, that we need to be aware and stay informed. Great post!!

Joe said...

Absolutely great advice! We have two living in our neighborhood. The ndighbors are all involved in watching the various kids to protect them.

curious servant said...

Thanks for the post. I have looked up the sex offender registry info for my state. It turns out I must call the state capitol and request a list for my city. I got the phone number and I am going to do so right now.

Thanks for prompting me.

Jayleigh said...

David, how weird! I checked out megan's law websites for here in Michigan the same day as you! Found out that Rob's friend's dad is a registered sex offender. YIKES.

But there are also the guys who had consentual intercourse with their girlfriends and the parents freaked out. And then there are the guys who peed in public who got labeled for life because someone might have seen their parts.

Anyhow, I feel better knowing who some of the freaks are. Gives us better odds to keep the kids away from the nut-jobs and perverts.