Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Go somewhere else for news and commentary!

First, Please read my prior post
It is more important than this.

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Ok welcome back.
I normally don't refer you to columnist more powerful than I,
since I am insecure and fear you will like them better than me.


Ok that is a lie, since all columnists are more widely read than I
and rightly so. So if I refer you to anyone, I am taking that risk.
So here goes nothin'


A woman who is getting a lot of ( undeserved) attention in the press
gets a shellacing from my favorite Ann Coulter
Read it if you like far right ( as in extremely correct) common sense.

A note to American citizens. That is what we are: American.
There is nothing wrong with that. The last thing we need is
to dilute our values and beliefs so that the whole world will agree with us.
The other last thing we need to do is be reborn into Euro-socialists.
The reason we LEFT europe was that they had a crappy system of government
that was good for a very few and bad for almost everyone else. Hmmm, Sounds like Afganistan under the Taliban, or most of West Africa.

Wow - I do politics too! just not very often.
Aren't you glad???


Bar Bar A said...

I'll be back to see the comments you get :)

Jayleigh said...

I am glad. **hugs** Not that I disagree with you, mind, just that I don't talk politics. Period.

Have a wonderful weekend!