Friday, July 22, 2005

Who is in charge here, anyway?

I know there are successful people out there.
I think I used to be one of them.
They manage their work, have marriages
and keep a check book register.
They use and don't abuse their credit card(s).
They connect to the world in a real way without drugs
or drinking too much, giving and receiving the good
things and passing on the high calorie, high cholesterol,
gonna kill you sugary and then too salty drama
that fuels so much of what makes the news and the tabloids.

How can I be abnormal? I am the center of what is real for me.
I am writer and director, actor and editor of my life.
This is it - not a dress rehearsal, not a practice game, not
something to fill the time until there is enough.
When do you think there will be enough?
Enough energy, money and time to do all the cool things
I dream of! That is a lot of EMT (energy money time).

I am sure other writer/ actor/ directors are asking a similar
question this morning. lets listen in for moment:

"what was I thinking when I wrote that?" from script expert

"NO NO NO! dont lean in toward him when he tries to kiss you,'
recoil in horror, imagine he is a two headed alien", Says your director

actor: I so am not into this! I so am not liking this. I am disgusted by
the very though of this, a two headed alien trying is to kiss me.
I should run, where is my fight or flight mechanism? I am paralyzed.
(smooch) Yuk
director: CUT lets try this AGAIN!


Jayleigh said...

Glad to know I am NOT the 2 headed alien.

You are so right. Blog on, my blogging brother!

Bar Bar A said...

Very thought provoking post. I think you missed your have been a writer or maybe a director?

Wait, you ARE a writer and a director and so much more.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.