Saturday, July 16, 2005

Man seeks nest in trees

I am looking at buying my next first house.
I have been through this several times
and this time I am going to get it right.

I think I might tolerate a narrow house on a narrow lot
that has a tree house like feel to it.

Its near to my mom's house
and also at the end of a street that borders the forest.
(google - maps enter Sugarloaf, Ca )
There are lots of stairs which is a draw back for some
but lots of privacy and views through the pine trees.
Don't even ask me about the price!

There are conventional settings with more room
that would be easier access, but I think I am ready for a quiet
hideaway. A writer's retreat where a carpenter can forget
what he does and discover who he is.

Please pray for a just right place for myself and my kids.
Love to all who enter here.


Bar Bar A said...

I'm praying that you make the right decision.

I can picture you in a tree house.

I hope you get it.

Esther said...

Sounds wonderful. Keep us updated. Hope it comes through for you.

Jayleigh said...

Always praying for you, dear friend and purveyor of amazing apricot preserves!

Joe said...

We'll be praying for you.

BTW: I know that guy with the hole in his head. I think at one time he was my boss!

Anonymous said...

the outcome comes in thought before it can materialize it will come

David said...

hey confuscious, get a thought, I may be a nice guy, but if you dant make sense, epolple will think you are a space cadet or have been abducted by aliens. Halt who goes there!!!

Liz said...

No offense, but who are you and how do you know me?