Monday, July 18, 2005


there is a dream catcher in my window
a very simple net that catches the
harmful thoughts as they try to get into my house.

it is a simple construction
ring, leather, feathers.
It has no magic that I can tell
but hangs there as a reminder
that some discouragement CAN be filtered out
some nasty, harmful things can be deleted like spam email.

I need to weave my own filter today to catch my
negative thoughts, before they contaminate what will
be a wonderful, sunny and productive day.

Ill build with the ring of family, surrounding me, complete.
I'll tie a net of caring friends, and folks who love the work I do.
the knots are kind words, hugs, friendly gestures.
The leather is the plushness of my own dear children
wound around, colorful and strong.
The feathers are the acts of God
miracles of hope and healing.

Through this no harm can come to me
I am secure, whole and complete.


daisy3957 said...

I hope those thoughts work and bring peace to your heart and happiness to your day. ((((((Big Hugs)))))) my friend.

Jayleigh said...

David, you are so thoughtful and introspective that it sometimes takes me by surprise. This was beautiful and I wish you a lovely day.

Also, my twin Dotty, as of today, resides in your state. Sacramento. So y'all take care of her out there, won't you? ;-)


Anonymous said...

Je vous manquerai, merci pour vous le temps bref d'amour que nous avons partag├ęs.

I shall miss you.