Friday, May 13, 2005

You are cleared to post (comments)

Hi friends and family, stranges and strangers!
I just changed a setting that now allows ANYONE to post their comments here.
I have high hopes for an ongoing dialog - or at least some verbal jabs!
I can rant with the best of them but I am trying to stay positive.
I have huge biases (sp) and a blind spot or two, but then so do you.
I am enjoying life even though its challenging beyond what I would have asked for.
God must know I am capable of weathering the minor storms, and I appreciate his vote of confidence in me. As I get better at being a father, I can see how God's watchcare over us could work. While full of desire to "do it for them" and "jump in to protect them" I realize now, finally, that the learning of life comes by doing, and that growth comes by experience. Some of the experience is painful or at least unpleasant. (fill in your most unpleasant learning here by commenting) I am still learning and growing and I wish it for all of you. Don't drop out, or avoid the tough parts of your life. No amount of drugging or medication can get you to where you are meant to go. Live life to the fullest. Breathe so you can taste the air. See the beauty right outside your window.


lucy said...

Hey thanks for commenting on my blog lol I don't get very many visitors lol oh and i added you to my contacts on yahoo.

tabs said...

nice post.

Rachel Croucher said...

if you're hoping for online dialogue then we need to create a debate of some kind!!!!!!

so to get things started, invasion or liberation?

now THAT might just get people talking:p

David said...

I am in favor of invasion. It only seems fair that we should be able to invade Mexico, teach them how to live, how to manage their resources (oil) and then take a 30% commision on the sales. Their lives could not be any worse under US rule than they are now.

Rachel Croucher said...

that's fairly extreme but you make a bloody good point,

"Their lives could not be any worse under US rule than they are now."

so true.