Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Cher-est Show on earth!

Yes, I did go to the last Cher concert ever, April 30th at the Hollywood Bowl.
I am pretty sure I was not the only straight guy there, but it was hard to tell.
Cher is cool, and really can sing. Her voice was good, but I think she may have been tired. 335 farewell concerts will do that to you. I am glad she can go on and do some other things. Her fans are crazy, maniacs, so far gone you worry what they will do now that she is no longer touring. There must be some heavy hearts and sad faces out there.
I am sure some of them were standing there long after the lights came up, savoring the dying embers of a really hot entertainer. I felt like a sardine crammed into the bench seats, which have not grown to accomodate the wider fan base. If Americans keep eating, and failing to excercise, our public spaces will get more crowded. Never mind global warming, lets fight against global crowding due to bigger backsides.

I warned you I was crazy..... what about you?


tabs said...

hi david,
thanks for visiting my blog.

this post of urs is really funny! :)

Esther said...

Hey David -- thanks for visiting my blog too. ;) Cher is an AMAZING performer. I saw her on a previous tour. She changed outfits more times than I could count (which isn't saying much; math isn't my strong suit). But you don't sound like a huge fan.. what made you go?

David said...

I finally got a picture to appear on my blog - I am a fan - I am huge, I am just not a huge fan, I hope that is Ok.