Sunday, May 22, 2005

where my insanity came from

My son Oren writes:

So I was reading an article about how Oldsmobile is hurting in the sales department, and how they are struggling to refine their image to appeal to younger buyers. Here are a couple of ideas I had as sales incentives and promotions:

1. Give out a free tattoo with any purchase
2. Include a keg of Coors in the trunk
3. Make hydraulics optional for the Cho-lo consumer
4. Take the word "olds" out of the name
5. Replace with something fresh- hustlamobile, pimpmobile, thugmobile, shortymobile
6. Create "secret" compartments so that OG's can hide their stash from 5-0
7. Make the cars cheaper
8. Stop using "desperate housewives" to sell the car, the only people you will lure is "desperate retirement age fogies"
9. Use more original marketing lines like "your shawty b trippin in these dubs"
10. Fire Tiger Woods as spokesman, who does he appeal to? Old fat white golfers!
11. Hire Britney spears as spokeswoman, then you will have tons of guys looking like K Fae rolling down the street on 20's

posted by Oren Schmidt @ 9:15 PM

So you see I got my craziness the normal way, from my chilluns!

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