Wednesday, May 18, 2005


The robin is busy lining her nest with the fibers from an old floor mop.
To be fair it may be HIS nest. I am not sure who does home building in 'Robin's world'. I know I build houses, and make some attempts at establishing a home base for my offspring.
Sometimes I even pick up stuff from other's yards for making my home more special.
Yes, I buy at yard sales, thrift shops and get lured in by the "FREE" sign on curbside discards.
Yesterday I picked up a surfboard (in sad shape) that had ended up here, more than a hundred miles from the ocean. It had a life once and an owner, then it had no life, no playing in the waves, no laying on the sand soaking up rays. :-(
Now it has a new owner ( or Guardian if you live in West Hollywood) and is looking for a new kind of exciting life.
Perhaps a new weird craze?
It wants to surf the mountains.

Robin is back, I should go cut some more strands from the sacrificial mop.
and work on my thinking process, I am out to lunch and its only 8:12 AM


Esther said...

Um, hard day? :)

Anonymous said...