Thursday, May 19, 2005

In the (purgatorious) waiting room

Waiting for the Doctor..... The doctor will see you,...... eventually.
My mom went to see a specialist today to check out her blurry vision after catarac surgery. For our 2:15pm appointment they asked us to be there by 1:45 because she was a new patient. The waiting room was crowded with eye problems that came in with their human hosts. Every human host had a driver ( myself) since they would be unsafe to drive after the exam.
Way past 3:00 we got to see a med tech, who put in drops and assesed mom's eye pressure. then back to the waiting room.
In silence we sat, no radio, no elevator muzac, the TV was off ( half the people had bad vision, no point in irritating them!)
I drew a roof framing plan and material list, and chatted with a woman next to me that decorated mini gourds with wood burning, paint and beads, as a way of distracting her from chronic pain ( she was a driver).
I lost some time there, but I know that I was looking at the time (no clocks in exam rooms!) at 4:15 - mom needed an aspirin, and a snack which the Med assistant provided, God bless her! By 4:30 she was looking to make a break, I think the Doc came in at 5pm ----- and was done in ten minutes. We were told that yes she had something that he specailized in, that a further test was needed, and that it was treatable after the test. We were relieved and hungry and went for dinner, with a return engagement in three weeks. I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!!!!


Esther said...

Gotta love doctor trips. I've had my fair share of them already this year and I'm sooooooo tired of it. Enough! Glad your mom will be okay!!! That's something to be grateful for. Congrats!

Inheriting Syria said...

May 18, 2003

Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68
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I then called back the Dept. of Aging and Adult Services and got to talk to two very helpful people, one had a first name of Ranc, and they helped me get the names of Ms Couey two supervisors.

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Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68

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Jayleigh said...

A few years back, I journeyed 30 times to Chicago (a 5 hour trip one way) with my husband for his medical treatments. I am NOTORIOUSLY poor wait-er. I fidget, I can't get into a book, I want to get up and walk around.

But those 30 trips, sometimes waiting up to 5 hours at a time in the waiting room, God blessed me so greatly. First, I got to know Rob a lot better. We sometimes talked, but mostly silently prayed for the others in the waiting room. So many were a lot worse off than my darling.

We thought being a plastic surgeon, the other clients would be breast enlargements and botox clients. What we saw was horrifying birth defects, car accidents, etc. Rob had experimental surgery to correct a 3/4 inch underbite. A big deal, but NOTHIGN like some of the other people who were there.

The other huge blessing was the fact that I lost all track of time while we were in that waiting room.

You are a great blessing to your mom.

littlepage said...

Eye problems with human hosts. I like that way of thinking about it. I am enjoying your excursions in bloggerland.