Sunday, May 22, 2005

Guest film reviewer- - - -JAYLEIGH!

Review of Movies I have not/will not see:

The latest Star Wars. (last, thank God! ed)
I think it's disturbing and frankly too graphic.
Even Lucas himself thinks that small children shouldn't see it.
Besides, it's the end of the SERIES!!!
What are they going to do to tie it all back together
so you feel good about liking it?

My darling hubby loves it.
He and his niece and his brother ADORE each of
the movies. I cannot tell you how they turn me off.
Remember Lea with sickeningly fat Jabba? *shudder*
Or the time that R2 and C3PO were gonna be
eaten by a giant earth worm in the ground? Ick.

And what the heck is up with Jar Jar? He talks purely in Ebonics. I think
it's a slam, frankly, and those writers should be more PC! Yeah, I said
MORE. P. C. Because that's what the world needs. Plus more Star Wars.


THANKS Jayleigh, for saving me from the attack of the nerds!
Who else wants to give this a shot?


Jayleigh said...

You're welcome, my friend.

Hey, when are ya gonna post a pic?

Just curious.

David said...

I (unlike you) am less than beautiful;
resembling a young Jaba the Hut.
I will find a pic from GQ and scan it in, to keep the illusion going.

Jayleigh said...


The pics of your kids are great. You're surely a proud Dad. Nothing cooler than that, in my book.

Have a great week. I'm about to buckle down and dive head-first into my geeky Photoshop books.