Tuesday, April 19, 2005

the new pope

honestly I would rather tell you about the beautiful pidgeons (wood dove) eating ouitside my window. its cold, some light rain, mixed with snow. but my feeding frenzy continues
I am sure some of them are nesting and ready to lay eggs. Filling the world with winged creatures
and making sure they are happy!


Jayleigh said...

This one needed a comment.

You're not Catholic, are you? I'm not, but so many of my friends are. :-)

The name John Paul flowed so much smoother off the tongue, didn't it?

Plus, he was cuter.

David said...

Jay - leave it to you to find my first post and comment - your are a specail person. way back then I could not even spell pigeon. yes I was raised a catholic, but God saved me anyway