Tuesday, April 26, 2005

blue jays - Sunny days

Possibly the noisiest birds in the yard: Stellars Jay
Such a beautiful color and a loud mouth.
They can be bold and agressive, I have got them to
take a peanut from my hand in winter.
( I will try this again after the coffee kicks in)
see y'all in the funny papers!


littlepage said...

It's funny to stumble across this post. I have very little memory of my youth, but when I read this I remembered that my grandparents, in Virginia, used to feed the jays (and sparrows and robins) with their hands. They'd hold a piece of food up high, and the birds would make a couple fake dives, checking out the situation, then come in and take the food. It was a thrilling experience. Thank you for the stimulus for such a memory!

Jayleigh said...

I am blue Jay. Hehe nope I'm red Jay.