Thursday, November 10, 2016

somewhere in Ecclesiastes

a very long time ago this blog was about me, singularly, as I walked through my separation
and taking care of my three kids. hopefully i did not bore you with details of my failed marriage*

It was very useful as I left the business of parenting and (with a little overlap) went to being a personal assistant of sorts to my aging mother, who passed on into the loving care of Jesus
at the very excellent age of 91.8 earth years.

after that i was busy again, and neglected to tell you of sevral excellent adventures or the
wide ranging and high flying accomplishments of my children and their wonderful spouses.  (spice?)

nor did I tell you of my aspirations to write a small book, or to travel after mom's care was done.
Rather than go far, I went deep inside myself in a positive way, with my faith always like an anchor
with God always speaking to me and me sometimes listening more or less carefully.

Rather than go abroad, i went for the high places, including Mt Whitney, and the highest place in my area Mt San Gorgonio.   I loved walking alone through the forests and across high ridges, being above all the "man created' mess and confusion.

at home here ns Sugarloaf, I lived a good and mostly simple life, in the shelter of the home that was my mother's. I dreamed of finishing many projects, but did not, for lack of time or motivation or money. and now one of those of the best projects is in the way of my future path and so it must be deconstructed.  The tree house must come down. and I must take it apart, piece by piece, to satisfy the county inspector and the trustee of mom's trust.  Pray for me please, and for my wife, Sharon as we enjoy the challenges this presents. we are always victorious, through our Christ, who loves us.

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Snaggle Tooth said...

Sorry you have to dismantle the house you built at your mothers! I have had to change a lot in my life since last I had time to see what you are up to. Bless you n your family. Hope all is well!