Sunday, April 13, 2014

a tale of two beggars

"when i was hungry you gave me to eat" -------------------
I was so hungry, so very empty that my insides seemed to be gnawing away at me, so desperate for something, anything to quiet the rumbling inside that I found the bugs and grasses attractive. Afraid to get sick again, I had to do something else. I was out of options: no money, no work, no friends left to bum off. I looked at my few possessions, carried in a paper sack, and there was nothing left to sell. How would I survive? Where was there help for someone like me in this crowded city? It was not Sunday so the churches were closed up tight and I smelled bad and had just these worn out clothes and poor fitting shoes to wear. Yes I felt shame for being unable to care for myself, but I also felt worse knowing that no one really cared! My hunger pain was only the beginning of my problem, I had the deeper pain of not belonging to anyone, not fitting in with the rest. Each day I felt more isolated, more alone and more desperate. Yes I wanted food and clothes like everyone else, maybe even a warm bed under a roof, where I could sleep without worry. More than that I wanted to know that someone cared enough to see through the filth to the real me. I wanted someone to call me by name, and to sit next to me, listening to what I had to say..... ------------------------ Jesus said, " I was naked and you clothed me"


David Edward said...

to be continued

Anonymous said...

Was this about you or an encounter with a homeless person?

David Edward said...