Friday, January 17, 2014

Beer + can + chicken + spices + one hour = Dinner

Recipe: I never do recipes, rarely use them, except for breads, and have never shared one here ( as far as I can recall) Disclaimer if you do this recipe and do not wish to use the beer in the can you may substitute water or other liquid. See me for help emptying the can. 1. Insert the can into the cavity of the bird after you have filled it with your favorite spices or flavorings. - - - - I like soy, or mustard, lots of herbs and of course garlic and pepper. 2. get your BBQ hot, then turn it to lowest setting. 3. Balance bird upright sitting on its tail, this is NOT HARD as the bird cooks the liquid boils and steams the inside and helps flavor the meat. This may take one hour to 90 minutes depending on the heat you apply and the size of the chicken. Keep the fire low and the lid of the BBQ closed . be around but do not fuss over it too much. Enjoy with rice and fresh veggies steamed NEVER throw away the carcas - make some chicken stock from those bones! thanks to my Jolly Little Life for the prompt!

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