Tuesday, October 01, 2013

This pack is too heavy for me.

"Be prepared" is the Boy Scout motto, and it works. 
When I went backpacking it probably worked too well, worked against me, worked in reverse, so to speak. I wanted everything with me, even as I was getting away from it all.  I took too much clothing, too much special equipment and certainly too much food, since I did not have a firm schedule, and wanted maximum flexibility when it came to how long I could stay out there (away from the grocery store).  

Since I carried too much, it slowed me down and stressed some of my joints beyond the place of comfort and safe functioning, so I stopped 'traveling' and remained in one place for a day and a half.  This turned out to be a great blessing as when I sat still and became quiet, God was talking to me and ministering to me. He had some things 'prepared' for me.

My trip was different than those previous, and it seems was more about hearing and vision than about walking and discovering new territory in the high Sierra. 

I am so thankful for a good vacation, and also that when I come home I am happy here, by myself in my own wonderful mountains.  Maybe I will learn to take shorter walks, to pack lighter and to expect God's voice and manifestations here in my own backyard. 

I will 'be prepared' and pray that you will be, too.


Marty Marquette said...

Lesson learn - and good advise.
I sometimes take too little with me just because in the past I took too much - I guess the trick will be to find just the right balance by getting out there.
To hike - to wander - to go explore both the natural and the inner world is something we need to do to reach perspective on our lives - thanks for posting.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I was a girl scout for a decade, n still pack alot to take with me!

I'm still an ambitious walker tho, it's ok to slow down some days. I'm always listening for what the Creator is telling me-
Discovering yourself is always important!

Still, I always pack drinks, n they're the heavy part!