Sunday, May 06, 2012

another Exodus

When Moses saw the burning bush, the voice of the Lord commanded that he take off His sandals,
because he was standing on holy ground.
 Last night in prayer, the Lord spoke that we are wanting to be near Him,  to see the flames of revival, and feel the heat of His passion for the lost, but we must take off that which would in any way separate us from Him and His holiness. Lay down your pride, self awareness, fear of what others think, your need to figure out things first, your desire to be reasonable, most of all lay down your right to plan and execute your life.  Then God is sending you back into the places you came from to rescue those still in bondage, those still in chains. Just as He sent a servant to bring you the Word of God, and restoration, so He is now sending YOU. Go in to the dark places to bring light that will allow others to come out, to receive their spiritual sight, to dance on formerly shriveled legs and to hear clearly about how good life with God can be. Go, but before you go, lay down all that hinders you from this task. You only need what God has equipped you with, His love and His holy Word. Bring out those who are in darkness, the Lord desires freedom for each and every one of them.

this is what I heard from God, use it if you can to better serve Him


Amrita said...

Thank you David. Thi s pos t spoke to me very powerfully, like a prophet 's message.

Every Christian who means business with God is a missionary whether he realizes it or not. We all called to rescue the perishing.

You have a burden for the lost and suffering. God bless you

Snaggle Tooth said...

It is so difficult to try not to take control of planning your life, but really we've never had it! We really have so little power here- but do control what we belive.

I tell my grandkids about the stories of Jesus n why it's the year 2012, why we have Xmas, n Easter, n pray someday they will believe in Faith, as they are being raised without a religion. Being pushed into service is less successful. It's better to volunteer!

Bless you David! I know this Mother's Day is most difficult for you!