Tuesday, March 27, 2012


prompt = strung
Strung has such a good sound! 
  sometimes words with less meaning get better sounds to help them through life. 
Certain of us with less talent or some appearance thing that we don't like get sweeter personalities to make us likable, attractive or successful at the thing that God would have us do 
Strung got that. 
A string can make a communication device when it is STRUNG between two cans,( try that one soon, ok?)
Strung is what you do to a guitar or a viola string or a tennis racket, all of it REQUIRES tension, tensioning.
We are strung, between this world and the next, between earth and heaven and 
yes, between being ourselves, wholy alone and self determined and being part of a group, whether it be a family, a civic organization, a workplace or a couple. 
We have this tension for a good reason. 
No man or woman is an island, but neither can we be anyone's better half unless we become comfortable with and skilled at being ourselves when by ourselves.
  We get into a crowd, we ask for space. we get too much time alone, we beg God for a soul mate. 
So here I am - strung, and letting God be the one who adjusts the tension. Once I am tuned by His hand, I can make a beautiful sound, both on my own, though it may sound to some like the cry of a lonely wolf far up in the forest, and then be able to harmonize aith the rest of His people when I am gathered together, giving Him thanks and praise. 
     To be out of tune, to be overly high strung, or to be slack, neither of these suits me now.  I want to make melody. To be used to bring more of the best news to my brothers and my sisters:  We are loved!  YOU are loved! 


Amrita said...

Yes we are strung among many things, but in spite of that God holds us together , its good to know we are loved.

Trust you are doing good David.

Easter blessings for you

Pat said...

As a child of eleven I was said to be 'highly strung' which meant I was on the brink of a nervous breakdown, but a loving family gotme through.