Monday, January 09, 2012

Learning so much!

Thank God that i remain young enough to learn.
in the past few months I have learned so much about myself and others.
No BIG BANG revelations have hit me ( like the old helicopter dream)
but plenty of simple MOMENTARY eye openings that make me glad I am alive and not in a stupor.
1. The discipline of listening: and to really hear what is being communicated.  So important

2. The value of my time, which if invested wisely produces eternal returns.
 balancing that thought is that my 'young man' part of my person needs to have his time too, and the value of that is no less. In short, I am finding a desire to balance.

3. Missing an elder to watch over me, I have desire to spend time with my mom's siblings, and to see in them, the refection of their sister, my mom.  My eyes are seeing in a new way.

4. the joy AND responsibility of freedom.  I am not free for no reason, no free person is!  to have great liberty means we must use it for a good cause.  God help me here.


Snaggle Tooth said...

You have now become the elder sage- a very different perspective to have on life-

It's great to be aware n not high on false drug feelings n fuzziness- n choosing reality to live in.
I never would've thought it was so when young, tho!

I recently lost another aunt, n it's so difficult even after all the time since my Parents passed, I find. I adore their siblings too-

I hope the angels point you to the right path. It's great to grease the brain n want to keep learning.

colleen said...

Happy New Year with new insights!

Amrita said...

Pearls of wisdom