Sunday, December 04, 2011

I hesitate to start

i hesitated at starting this post with "normally" because then it becomes a paragraph of me explaining what that means in my world.

Here are examples of what i might have written:

Normally i do not make big changes going into winter...but
Normally its almost light out when i get up. not today
Normally on a given Sunday i will fellowship with my friends in Big Bear Lake, but since i am working and staying in Redlands for a good sized work project ( commuting would be 120 miles round trip) I will seek a church here which is different, not similar to my home fellowship. The purpose of the difference is that i know that many of my brothers and sisters worship in ways that are quite different from what I am accustomed to. I seek out that uniqueness today, and wish to have some time to reflect on what God is saying to me. He has no limits on where He addresses me or whom He uses to bring the good news.
normally i do not need google to find my church on Sunday.....
but i am far from what the rest of man calls normal., but I am very happy.

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Amrita said...

Change is good. Tomorrow I am going toa Christmas outreach for university students.