Monday, November 21, 2011

Advice to myself on a Monday.

do not be the same old crazy David,
resolve to be a totally new kind of crazy!

give up old thoughts and memories that are not helping
strive to think new thoughts and build new healthy experiences into my life

Feel, but then recover from those feelings
delve deep into your soul, but come up for air
Give the best of yourself to each situation and person you are with.
Rejoice in all things, for Joy is the antidote to pain.

Enough pain has been shared, reviewed, and dissected.
Have the 'end of this' ceremony, out in the woods
and make a clean start.


David Edward Linus said...

two months ago I was preparing to climb Mt. Whitney, so I know I can climb out of this low spot in my life.

Amrita said...

AMEN to every word.

May the Lord acomplish His will in your life.

You are His new creation.

He is the Potter you are the clay.

Amrita said...

Higher ground - that' s what you are aiming for

Judyblueyez said...

Onward and upward .... you can do it! Low spots are always there ... they always will be. I think that they are there to help us look up - Whether it's to a Higher Power or just the beautiful blue sky thru the trees ..... and for sure, isn't it a beautiful sight?